Team from Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM); Gabriel Pierre (Economics 2015), Anak Agung Indira (Management 2014), and Legahati Sekar Putri (Management 2014) had successfully won the 2nd place in GLOWMENTION Business Case Competition 2017 held by Universitas Soegijapranata on 15-18 March 2017.

GLOWMENTION is a competition organized by the student association of Catholic University of Soegijapranata which has experienced their third year. This year, GLOWMENTION brought tagline "Creating A Sustainable Business for A Better Environment". The 128-teams proposed a solution to the problem experienced by Mebel Internasional (MI) as the sponsor of the GLOWMENTION 2017. MI is a company that began producing furniture for sale to retailers in the United States and major retailers in the UK. The company is experiencing rapid growth in 2007 Currently, MI is supported by home carpentry creatures, hand carvers, artists and other refined hand supply staff who make furniture for customers worldwide. Hoewever, MI encountered problems in minimizing costs and fulfilling orders on time. Teams from universities across Indonesia competed for the most effective solution.

Fourteen teams were selected to join the semifinals presentation, Hotpoint and debates. Each team that consist of 3 student was given the opportunity to present 15 minutes presentation and 10 minutes of question and answer by judges who were academicians, practitioners and representatives from MI. After the presentation, the next stage is Hotpoint. The committee read the questions, the participants answered by writing the answer in the whiteboard. The next stage of contests was debate. Participants were given 5 motions to argue. Motions were drawn shortly before the debate started.

All of the assessment components are calculated to select the champion and the team from FEB UGM had successfully won the 2nd place.

Source: Dirra/FEBUGM