About GMAD

Gadjah Mada Accounting Days (GMAD) is the biggest accounting event created by the association of Accounting in Faculty of Economics & Business with a series of National Seminar, National Accounting Olympiad, and International Accounting Paper Awards. GMAD 2011 will be held during May 2011.


  • Seminar "Exploring the Prospects of Investment in Indonesias Financial Market."

This Seminar is designed to give knowledge and understanding to accounting students and professionals about the investment system of financial markets in Indonesia and intended to mobilize public public interest in general and specifically for students active in investing in financial markets. With the awareness of society to invest actively, as well as understanding the risks and long-term prospects, it is expected to strengthen the stability of Indonesia's economic performance independently.

  • International Accounting Paper Awards (IAPA)

International Accounting Paper Award is a new event in the Gadjah Mada Accounting Days 2011. In this event, we look for new ideas from around the world who will be gathered into one, so the role of the Accountants Amidst Global Economic Turbulence is happening and what should the accountant do to resolve and prevent this in the future. IAPA invites all participants from all circles of accounting no matter what, where, when, and how old they are to collect his ideas in the form of paper and let the world know how the response of the accountants' future in addressing the global economic turmoil and jointly look for new ideas which can be completed.

  • National Accounting Olympiad (NAO)

National Accounting Olympiad is  a national accounting olympiad which aims to activate accounting students all over Indonesia. NAO is designed as an annual accounting of the prestigious competition by promoting high quality and professionalism. By taking advantage of the big names as well as the quality of UGM from the National Accounting Olimypiad itself, NAO 2011 event expected to attract young intellectuals from various universities in Indonesia.

  • Amazing Race

Amazing Race "Yogyakarta" is a reflection of The Amazing Race which is one of the most prestigious programs in the world games. Amazing Race "Yogyakarta" is an event for participants GMAD 2011 for travel as well as run games with the route on Jalan Malioboro. Jalan Malioboro is a famous icon in Yogyakarta. This road to Sultan Palace so that participants can simultaneously travel around the Jalan Malioboro and Sultan Palace.
Amazing Race "Yogyakarta" have games involving every aspect related to Yogyakarta. It aims to introduce the culture of Yogyakarta in a much more enjoyable.Games are related to social and environmental concerns. This is done as a form of CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility). It should be an event not only celebration, but also must be balanced by activities in the form of CSR.

  • Gathering Night

Gathering night is a series of events Gadjah Mada Accounting Days, the means by which all participants can get together and closer to each other. Music and cultural performances are attractive will color the event. Bringing national inspirational figure to share knowledge and experiences. And the announcement of the winners of all competitions as the pinnacle event GMAD Night Gathering 2011.


Contact Person :
Fund Raising Coordinator Lia - 08567256511,
Public Relations Coordinator Acintya - 085725709868,
or visit http://gadjahmadaaccountingdays.com