Accounting Students Association of Gadjah Mada (IMAGAMA) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada is proud to present Gadjah Mada Accounting Days (GMAD) in 2012. Based on GMAD success last year, this year IMAGAMA trying to make a big leap to extend the range of participants who had only made up of local accounting students. GMAD 2012 will invite international accounting students to participate in IASC (International Accounting Student Conference), which has been well designed and carefully.

The agenda of GMAD 2012 as follows:

A. National Seminar

Date : Saturday, April 28th, 2012
Location : Auditorium Master of Management (MM) UGM
Topic : "Sustainability in Accounting and Reporting for Better Environment".

This seminar will focus on discussion of ethical insights into how better to interact with the social environment in the event of an internal changes in the business, both technical and non-technical in a company. Will be presented also what are the benefits and the effect of such changes on the social environment of the company's internal and external, which would certainly make an impact to the company itself. Targeting students and the general public, we believe that this discussion will give a positive value for all participants.

B. National Accounting Olympiad (NAO)

Date : Thursday - Saturday, 10th - 12nd May 2012
Location : Faculty of Economics and Business UGM

National Accounting Olympiad (NAO) is an olympic national accounting concept: "Olympiad can be fun". Apart from being one of the core event GMAD, NAO also known as a prestigious competition for students majoring in accounting throughout Indonesia. Event the competition is designed to hone and test the best accounting students from universities throughout Indonesia, to form a team of three people. Activity aims to test the conceptual and technical accounting skills contest participants, and also participated in testing the knowledge of participants about global issues that developed in 2012.

C. International Accounting Student Conference (IASC)

Date : Thursday - Friday, 10th - 11st May 2012
Location : Pertamina Tower, Faculty of Economics and Business UGM

IASC is an accounting student conference targets participants from various universities around the world to prepare for the mission, vision and strategy for growing social horizons for the economic sector. This conference will give participants information on how to implement social accounting around the world and how the contribution of social accountants will be relevant as a solution to the social issues being faced by companies around the world. This event can also be a place for students to express their comments and aspirations about their preparation to contribute in the future regarding the rules, the system of corporate social and environmental costs.

D. Jogja Amazing Race (JAR)

Date : Saturday, May 12nd, 2012
Location: Yogyakarta

Jogja Amazing Race one of the shows in GMAD 2012 presented a series of activities GMAD 2012 for all participants to get acquainted with one another, to travel together, and to play games that relate to cultural education. The race route covers some of the icons of the city.

E. Gathering Night

Date : Saturday, May 12nd, 2012
Location: Plaza FEB UGM

Gathering Night which will be the culmination GMAD 2012. This event is the closing ceremony which consists of assessment, award, and the announcement of the winner. In addition, another goal of this event is to build a harmonious relationship of all members of the committee, participants, academic community and our sponsors.

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