Research and Training in Economics and Business (P2EB) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) will hold a seminar with the theme "The Impact of Fuel Oil Reform Against Inflation", (Indonesia: Dampak Reformasi BBM Terhadap Inflasi).

The seminar will be held on:

  • Day, date: Wednesday, December 2nd, 2015
  • Time: 08:30 PM to 12:15 AM
  • Venue: Auditorium Djarum Foundation, Pertamina Tower 6th floor, FEB UGM


  1. Dr. Berly Martawardaya (Researcher and Lecturer at FEB UI)
  2. Dr. Rimawan Pradiptyo, M.Sc. (Researcher and Lecturer at FEB UGM)
  3. Dr. Akhmad Akbar Susamto, M.Phil. (Researcher and Lecturer at FEB UGM)

Moderator: Prof. Tri Widodo, M.Ec.Dev., Ph.D. (Researcher and Lecturer at FEB UGM)

For anyone interested to join on this seminar can register via online form below, the participant is free of charge, provided snack, and seating is limited. For further information please contact: Secretariat Office of P2EB FEB UGM, Tel 0274 548510 ext 354.