Accountant Education Program, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) together with the Indonesian Institution of Accountant (IAI) Chapter Yogyakarta will be held a Workshop on Teaching of Practical Accounting and Accounting Competency Test, batch two.

The workshop will be held on:

  • Day: Wednesday-Friday
  • Date: November 16-18, 2016
  • Venue: Faculty of Economics and Business UGM

Participants: Accounting lecturers, Accounting laboratory instructors at the college, practitioners, and public participant.


  1. Strengthening basic accounting knowledge (introductory & intermediate)
  2. Introduction of the development of learning methods in accounting
  3. Financial accounting teaching materials that are new and innovative
  4. The application of IFRS standards in recording accounting
  5. Self-assessment of competence through accounting

Accounting Competence Test Results:

  1. Quantitative report (three score: competence, prudence and thoroughness)
  2. Qualitative report (description based on results of test of multiple choices and essay)


  1. Modules and textbook
  2. Certificates (> 75% attendance at the workshop and follow the competency test)
  3. Lunch and snack
  4. Representative spaces (AC, Wifi, etc.)
  5. The seminar kits

Workshop fee:

  • Rp1.500.000 (one million five hundred thousand rupiah)*
  • VA Number: 9888802104111469
  • Bank: BNI 46

*Discount 20% if the early registration (until October 15, 2016, the proof of the transfer).

Download: Poster

For further information please contact:
Laboratorium Akuntansi FEB UGM,
Jln Sosio Humaniora No:01.
Tel 0274 548506, 548507. HP 081227130405 (Uttarā), 082226544966 (Nanik), or 08984116771 (Bomantoro).
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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