The Inter- University Cooperation Program

"Toward Enhancement of Economic, Social, Technological and Environmental Development for Welfare Implications in the Greater Mekong Sub - region and Asia-Pacific"

31 July - 5 August, 2010

Venue: Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel, Yogyakarta, Indonesia



Saturday, 31 July 2010
Arrival of participants in Yogyakarta
Check in at Jogjakarta Plaza Hotel
Sunday, 1 August 2010
Study Tour to Borobudo
Reception Dinner
Monday, 2 August 2010
Welcome Opening
Dean of Faculty of Economic and Business, Gadjah Mada University
Keynote Speech: Dean of Faculty of Economic and Business, Gadjah Mada University
Dr.Manop Pasitwilaitham
President of Chiangrai Rajabhat University
(Present a token of appreciation to the Conference Co-organizers and Award of the Best Practice to the researchers from previous Conference)
Social Security System
(Dr. Anggito Abimanyu, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada)

A Decade of Millennium Development Goals in Asia-Pacific Region; Challenges and Ways Forward
Professor Dr.Chandrakant Puri (Professor-cum-Director, Centre for Study of Social Exclusion & Inclusive Policy, SNDT Women’s University, Mumbai, India)

Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in ASEAN Universities based on COBLAS Program
(Professor Dr.Takeru Ohe and Mr.Hoe Chin GOI, Waseda University, Japan)
Coffee Break
Room A:
Session 1: Poverty Alleviation and Welfare Policy
  • Poverty-Alleviation Programs and Labor Supply Decisions
    (Wisnu Setiadi Nugroho and Elan Satriawan)
  • Economic Analysis Unfair Competition: 2000-2007
    (Abraham Wirotomo and Rimawan Pradiptyo)
  • Economic Evaluation of Corruptions Eradication Committee (KPK) in Indonesia
    (Rimawan Pradiptyo)
  • Toward Enhancement of Strategy for Sustainability in the Indonesia's Reformation Program: Literature Review and Proposed Framework
    (Wakhid Slamet Ciptono)
  • Determinant of Child Health in Indonesia: Evidence from Indonesia Family Life Survey
    (Riswanti Budi Sekarningsih and Elan Satriawan)
Lunch and Visit Poster Presentation
Session 5: Tourism Development in the Greater Mekong Sub-region and Asia- Pacific
  • Environmental and Human Behavior Impacts on Tourism Development and Adaptation of New Folkways in Asia-Pacific: From Simple to More Sophistication
    (Professor Dr.Anurak Panyanuwat)
  • CBT: An Illusion of Success, Prices for Failure
    (Associate Professor Dr.Chatchai Panananon)
  • Logistics of Community Based Tourism (CBT) in Upper Northern Thailand: Keys to the GMS Tourism Sustainability
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Bussaba Sitikarn)
  • A Management of Longstay Tourism in Chiangmai, Thailand: Case Study of Japanese Tourists
    (Dr.Warach Madhyamapurush)
  • The Use of Information on Tourism Business Management in Chiangrai Province
    (Dr.Sermsiri Nindum)
  • Local Wisdom Implementation: A Case Study of Relaxing Massage in Home Stays Business by Community Participation of Chiangrai Hill- tribe Development and Welfare Center
    (Associate Professor Kassama Kasorn)
  • Community Participation of Thaka Floating Market Management
    (Ms.Chompun Jantima)
  • A Study on Local Community Potential for Eco-tourism Promotion: A Case Study of Old Floating Market Bangplee Samuthprakarn
    (Miss Thitima Ketkaew)
Coffee Break
Session 4: Food Security and the Green Revolution
  • Predicting Women Purchase Intention for Green Food Products in Indonesia
    (Sudiyanti and Otto Andersen)
  • Efficacy of Citrus hystrix Peel and Carica Papaya Seed Extracts on the Control of Aedes aegypti Larvae
    (Associate Professor Dr.Korakod Indrapichate) : Poster Presentation
  • Effects of Food Consumption Behavior towards Life Quality of the People along Thai-Lao PDR Borders
    (Ms.Thippawan Suwanno) : Poster Presentation
Session 7: Techno-Scientific Progress and the Energy Transition for Development
  • A Structural Relationship Model of Managing Operations, Innovation, and Performance: A Study in Oil and Gas Industry in Indonesia
    (Wakhid Slamet Ciptono, Abdul Razak Ibrahim, Ainin Sulaiman)
  • The Most Desirable House Styles in Bangkok and Metropolitan Region
    (Assistant Professor Chulalak Paiboonfoongfueng)
  • Design of Energy Efficient Townhouses for Songkhla, Thailand
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Krichkanok Sudasna)
  • The Applications of GIS with Chiangrai Province Database on Internet System Using Open Source Software
    (Mr.Wanna Rattanapong)
  • Diagramming Approach to Project Management: A Case Study of the Second Male’ Port Project
    (Mr.Maung Aung)
Room B:
Session 2: Education in the Information Age
  • Development of Research Management Innovation for Loei Rajabhat University
    (Associate Professor Chatjariya Bailee)
  • Knowledge Management Information System (KMIS)
    (Assistant Professor Taskeow Srisod)
  • A Research Package: Developing Appropriate Models for the Establishment of an Education Hub for the GMS Countries
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Chittrapa Kundalaputra)
  • Yet another Challenge: Thai - Thai Sign Translation for Language Learning
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Srisavakon Dangsaart)
  • The Styles of Learning and Teaching in the Subject Area of Man and Ethics for Quality of Life
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Jureeporn Kanjanakaroon)
  • Intergenerational Transfer and Education of Children: Evidence from Indonesian Household Survey
    (Mohtar Rasyid and Tri Widodo)
Lunch and Visit Poster Presentation
Session 3: Culture and Heritage, Ethnic Diversity
  • A Thai-based Iu-Mien Orthography as a Tool for Ethnic and National Identity, and Language Maintenance/Revitalization
    (T.Daniel Arisawa)
  • A Bai Minority: An Investigatory Study
    (Associate Professor Dr.Supaporn Makchang)
  • An Analysis of OTOP Participated and Socio-Economic Factors Affecting Quality of Life of Thai Buddhist and Thai Muslim in the South of Thailand
    (Associate Professor Dr.Saranya Bunnag, Ms.Sunanta Chuachat)
  • The Existence of Dai Ya Ethnicity’s Identity in Thailand: A Case Study of Chiang Rai Province
    (Dr.Lelar Treeaekanukul)
  • Effects of Lahu’s Agricultural Land Management on Environment of Chiang-Dao District, Chiang Mai Province
    (Dr.Amnuay Pinphila)
  • Hang-Oun Handicraft and the Pathway of Baan Na Tub’s Thai Muslim Community in Thasala Sub-district, Thasala District, Nakhon Si Thammarat Province
    (Mr.Rewat Suksikarn)
  • Using the Local Wisdom in Ancient Reservoir Management with the Community Participation to Reserve Ancient Reservoir in Roi-et, KhonKaen and Maha Sarakham Provinces (RoiKaenSan Province Groups)
    (Associate Professor Dr.Wongpattana Sriprasert)
Coffee Break
Session 3: (Continued)
  • The Role of Thai Buddhist Monks in Promoting and Supporting Thai Language and Culture in the Unites States: A Case Study of Wat Buddhamongkolnimit Buddhist Temple of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico U.S.A
    (Dr.Jidapa Suwannarurk)
  • A Study of Ways of Life and Adaptation Style of Communities on the Bank of Kong River of Chiang Khong District in Chiang Rai Province
    (Miss Dujluedee Kongsuwan)
  • Public Participation in the Globalization Perspectives to Active Buddhism Approach Strategy along Thai-Lao PDR Border Communities
    (Phramaha Sribandorn Chaiyawuttikul)
  • The Distribution of Archaeological Sites at Wieng Sub-district, Chiang Saen District, Chiang Rai Province
    (Mr.Thirawat Prathungpaisri)
  • "Khwan" Spirit of Thai: Case Study Chiangrai Province
    (Mr.Preeda Chanchaemsri)
  • Social Mapping of Cultural Organization in Chiangrai
    (Mr.Nikom Boonserm)
  • An Investigation of Worship Words in Lanna Traditions and Ceremonies Which Affect People’s Ways of Life in Chiangrai Province
    (Mr.Suthat Klaysuwan)
  • An Investigation into the Religious, Socio-Cultural and Economic Roles of the Imams in Songkhla Province
    (Dr.Idsaratt Rinthaisong) : Poster Presentation
  • Development of Wang Suanbankaew Museum, a learning source about Cultural heritage of Chanthaburi Province
    (Miss Suwanna Kleawkasetkor) : Poster Presentation
Room C:
Session 2: Education in the Information Age
  • Development of a Teaching Competency Enhancement Instructional Model Based on Cognitive Apprenticeships for Student Teachers
    (Dr.Ketsaraphan Khongjarean)
  • An Analysis of Higher Education Website Formats and Contents for Education Quality Assurance case studies of Rajabhat University
    (Mr.Prawate Wongkumchai)
  • An Investigation in Knowledge Management for Teacher Quality Improvement: A Case Study of Schools in Samutprakharn Region 1
    (Dr.Surangkana Manyanon)
  • Development of a Learning Package Integrated the Four Paths of Accomplishment for Enhancing Moral of Dhonburi Rajabhat University Students
    (Dr.Nongyao Utoomporn)
  • Teacher’s Conscience Part 2: The Development of Model and Activities of Teacher’s Conscience of Students in the Faculty of Education Dhonburi Rajabhat University
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Nipa Pongvirut)
Lunch and Visit Poster Presentation
Session 2: (Continued)
  • An Analysis of Metaphors used in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows
    (Mr.Adisorn Thammachai)
  • Linguistic Adaptation: A Case Study in Banrongsarn School Chiangkham District Phayao Province
    (Miss Koonrapas Sangkeaw)
  • Cross-Cultural Communication Strategies between Thai Women and Their Western Spouses
    (Miss Kotchaporn Ross)
  • An Analysis of Reading Passages Published in Upstream Textbooks
    (Miss Jeeranan Thongnak)
  • An Analysis of Lanna Language used in Hong Kwan Ceremony in Chiang Kham District, Phayao Province, Thailand
    (Miss Patcharin Satchayad)
Coffee Break
Session 2: (Continued)
  • Models on Youths’ Economic Sufficiency-Based Mental Development in Upper Northern Region
    (Mrs.Kitti-arpar Kornmai)
  • An Analysis of Shan Tattoo Language: A Case Study in Maesai District, Chiangrai Province
    (Miss Primprao Kantasuk)
  • An Analysis of Ordinary National Educational Test (O-NET): Emphasis on Language Features
    (Miss Tanitta Sungtiwong)
  • Learning Management in Subject EDUC 105: The Development of Teachers by Using a Combination of Media to Develop Attitudes and Ethics. This is intended for Teaching English to Third Year Undergraduate Students in the Faculty of Education, Chiangrai Rajabhat University
    (Assistant Professor Sudtida Chanmanee) : Poster Presentation
Farewell Dinner and Cultural Show
Tuesday, 3 August 2010
Room A:
Session 9: Human Development and Health Policy
  • Sufficiency Economy as a Human Development Strategy for National Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability
    (Associate Professor Dr.Makha Khittasangka)
  • Microeconomics Analysis of Health Care Utilization: Evidence from Indonesia Family Life Survey
    (Andika Ridha Ayu Perdana, Elan Satriawan)
  • Health Shocks and Consumption Smoothing
    (Harri Gemilang, Elan Satriawan)
  • The Study of the Life Changing Following the Concept of Sufficiency Economy, the Case Study: the Srichula Community Amphur Muang Nakornayok Province
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Vijitsri Sanguanwongse)
  • Life Quality Development via Sufficiency Economy Philosophy
    (Assistant Professor Siraporn Laomueang)
  • Self Health Care Behaviors of Industrial workers in the Eastern Region of Thailand
    (Dr.Kunwadee Rojpaisarnkit)
  • Curriculum Evaluation of Master of Education Program in Educational Administration B.E. 2540 (Revised Version B.E. 2549) of Dhonburi Rajabhat University
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Sunanta Kaewsuk)
Coffee Break
Session 9: (Continued)
  • Career Development of Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and their Parents
    (Assistant Professor Kanvipa Hongngam)
  • The Southern Local Wisdoms for Promoting Child Mental Health
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Chutarat Sathirapanya)
  • The Guidance for Building up the Achievement of the Sufficiency Economy Development of Agriculturists in Chiang Rai Province
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Wirunsiri Jaima)
  • The Development Model for Community Health Promotion: A Case Study of Kao Tao Sub-district, Papayom District, Phattalung Province
    (Dr.Roongsiri Kemtrakool)
  • Happiness and Its Influencing Factors among Household Heads in Rural Areas of Thailand
    (Ms.Chichaya Changrian)
  • The Service Factors Affecting Decision Making in Acquiring a Medical Check-up
    (Ms.Watcharaporn Singsamran)
  • The Evaluation of the Project "Prevention and Elimination of the Worst Forms of Child Labour in Chiangrai Province - Application of Multi-disciplinary approach"
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Penpisuth Chaisanit) : Poster Presentation
Lunch and Visit Poster Presentation
Session 6: Environment, Bio-Diversity and Shared Natural Resource Management
  • Municipal Solid Waste Management by Creative Cooperation of Bangpla’s People, Samuth Prakarn
    (Assistant Professor Suwannee Simakornpin)
  • The Quantities of Heavy Metal in Seawater at Coastal Fisheries Areas, Phang Nga Province, Thailand, After Striked From the 2004 Tsunami
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Nathawut Thanee)
  • Monitoring Water Quality of Ban-Don Coastal at Condition of Global Warming in Support of Local Utility
    (Dr.Chalinda Ariyadet)
  • Development of Commercial Ornamental Plants from Mangroves
    (Dr.Nongnuch Chanasit)
  • Life Cycle Assessment of Chicken and Pig Meat Production with Regard to Carbon Footprint: Case Study of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand
    (Dr.Prayong Keeratiurai)
  • Biodiversity of Wildlife in Northern Area Local of Thailand
    (Dr.Sitthisak Pinmonghholgul)
  • The Development of Nature and Biodiversity Learning Resource in Huay Mae Sai Community Forest, Tombon Maeyao, Amphoe Muang, Chiangrai Province
    (Assistant Professor Ranida Pingmoung)
  • Propagation and Application for Utilization of Kanun Sampalor: Insecticide quality from leaf extraction
    (Assistant Professor Dr.Chalermkiat Dulsamphan) : Poster Presentation
  • Advance Remote Sensing Technique for Estimation of Aboveground Carbon Sequestrations in the Mangrove Forest Filtration Technology System
    (Miss Sureeporn Nipithwittaya) : Poster Presentation
  • The Impact of conservation area policy on Hua Fai Community Forest
    (Miss.Anchalee Harnrit) : Poster Presentation
Room B:
Session 8: Institutional Strengthening, Social – Economics and Politics Challenges within the Greater Mekong Sub region and Asia – Pacific
  • Testing the Hypothesis of Rational Bubble
    (Erwin Tumengkol, Rimawan Pradiptyo)
  • Criminal Risks Threatening the Private Business Sector in Indonesia
    (Risa Virgosita)
  • A Game Theoritical Analysis of Economic Sanction
    (Khalifany Ash Shidiqi, Rimawan Pradiptyo)
  • Determinants of Perceived Performance Perceived CSR, Perceived Product and Service Quality, Customer Citizenship Behavior of Modern Trade in Northern Region Thailand
    (Associate Professor Dr.Boonthawan Wingwon)
  • A Model For Building A Nation Brand Image: A Case Study of Thailand OTOP
    (Assistant Professor Sasiwemon Sukhabot)
  • Community Participation in Environmental Management of Bang Num Peung
    (Dr.Preecha Sangchot)
Coffee Break
Session 8: (Continued)
  • Integrated Marketing Communication Model for Commercial Quality Upgrading of Community Enterprise, Uttaradit Province
    (Dr.Radee Thanarak)
  • The Influence of Political Culture on the Political Affair Entry of the Female Politicians in the Upper-North Region of Thailand
    (Associate Professor Prakaisri Srirungruang)
  • Sufficiency Economy Philosophy in an Application to Production and Management of the Community Enterprises in Chiang Rai Province
    (Mrs.Sasithorn Manuswarakul)
  • The Effective Model for Developing the Community Rice Mill in the Northeastern Part of Thailand
    (Assistant Profesor Patcharapon Chaiboonkong)
  • Developing Industrial Model of Ornamental and Flower Plants Village, Klong 15 Nakhonnayok Province by Participatory Action Research
    (Ms.Pornsiri Kongnual)
Lunch and Visit Poster Presentation
Session 8: (Continued)
  • Factors Causing Product Development Success of One TambonOne Product (OTOP) in Samutprakan, Thailand
    (Ms.Araya Giatgong)
  • Learning Processes in Group Gathering and Building Problem-Solving Capabilities of Successful Communities
    (Mr.Kamolsak Wongsrikaew)
  • A Study of Management under Principles Good Governance at Rajabhat Rajanagarindra University
    (Mr.Natprakal Yanmanovisit)
  • Border Development: Factor Affecting Economic Growth and Key of Economic Sectors in Chiangrai Province
    (Mr.Neramit Jitruksa)
Room C:
Session 8: Institutional Strengthening, Social – Economics and Politics Challenges within the Greater Mekong Sub region and Asia – Pacific
  • Relationship between Integrated Marketing Communication Strategy and Service Users’ Satisfaction towards the Image of Alternative Energy in Muang District, Maha Sarakham Province
    (Mrs.Nonglak Nambuddee) : Poster Presentation
  • Business Competitive Strategies of Gas Stations in Mahasarakham Province
    (Mr.Seksan Nambuddee) : Poster Presentation
  • Relationship between Management Elements with Efficiency in the Arrangement of tax form oil trade business of Yasothon Provincial Administrative Organization
    (Mrs.Jirapun Fangsungner) : Poster Presentation
  • Relationship between Customer Relationship Management Components and the Advantages of Small Service Business Competition in Muang District, Mahasarakham Province
    (Miss Sirinthorn Kittiyawut) : Poster Presentation
  • Relationship between 6 M’s Management Factors and Office Equipment Management in Putthaisong Municipality, Putthaisong District, Buriram Province
    (Miss Chanakan Somthaisong) : Poster Presentation
Coffee Break
Session 8: (Continued)
  • Relationships between Marketing Mix and Success of Community Business Operation on Clothes in Muang District, Mahasarakham Province
    (Mrs.Nanthana Chaibuddee) : Poster Presentation
  • Relationship between Characteristics and Success of Administrators’ Working Administration in Sub-district Administrative Organization, Chuenchom District, Mahasarakham Province
    (Mrs.Suwanna Kandul) : Poster Presentation
  • The Factor that is Influential Build the Success of Community Business: Sueakok Products Business, Phaeng Sub-district, Kosumpisai District, Mahasarakham Province.
    (Miss.Anna Aonmark) : Poster Presentation
Lunch and Visit Poster Presentation
Session 9: Resolutions and Agenda for Future Action
A joint conclusion with Gadjah Mada University and Chiangrai Rajabhat University
Presentation of the Certificates to the Participants
Closing Speech by Rector of Gadjah Mada University
Wednesday, 4 August 2010
Study Tour to Bali
Thursday, 5 August 2010
Participants leave for their respective countries