As the final of a series of 56th Anniversary in September, the Faculty held a public lecture and dialogue on Monday (17/10). Lecture titled "Poverty Reduction in Indonesia" brings Sudarno Sumarto (Senior Researcher Research institute SMER), Vivi Alatas (Senior Economist, World Bank Jakarta), and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, Boediono.

The event was held in the Auditorium of the Faculty of MM UGM was started at 8:45 pm with the lecture material from Sudarno Sumarto which describes the situation of poverty in Indonesia. In his lecture, described the various understanding of poverty and ways to measure it. In general, the results of research SMER, found that the level of poverty in Indonesia from 1996 to 2011, tended to decline.

Lecture followed by delivery of content from Vivi Alatas, on measures to accelerate poverty reduction. In this session, Vivi shot poverty in terms of education. To alleviate poverty, it is necessary remediation efforts so that the public education aspect can higher education and ultimately can help themselves freed from the bondage of poverty.

Then the moderator of this first session, Elan Satriawan, letting participants lecture to ask both speakers. Interval of fifteen minutes later, the committee provides a time-out for participants. While waiting, participants were treated to musical offerings from the Economic Session Band (ESB).

At 11:45 pm, Vice-President of the Republic of Indonesia, Boediono, entered the room. Preceded by a welcome Dean Faculty, Prof. Marwan Asri, MBA, Ph.D, a public lecture begins the second session. Then, before the dialogue started, first Boediono convey the material entitled "Vision and Poverty Reduction Policies". In this lecture, Boediono to acknowledge the poverty alleviation program launched by the government are based on four clusters.

The event continued with a dialogue between participants in the lecture with the speaker of this lecture. For half an hour, there was a warm and interesting discussion about the world economy and poverty. New at 13:00 pm, public lectures and events this dialog is closed, and officially end the series of anniversary 56th FEB UGM.


Source: Prima/FEB