Rafiazka Milanida Hilman (Fika) and Anisha Wirasti Cahyaningrum (Icha) seemed to unfurl her big smale. Both of them are students of FEB UGM majoring in Economics. They are runner up winner of the International Paper Competition organized by University Indonesia (UI). The competition was the "9th Economix" which took place on October 10th - 14th, 2011 with the topic "Achieving the ASEAN Economic Community: The Great Economic Vision of ASEAN."

They have competed on behalf of UGM with other universities in ASEAN such as the National University of Singapore and University De La Salle Phillipine participating in this competition. Having passed the big twenty, Fika and Icha flew to Jakarta to present her paper entitled, "Does Matter for the ASEAN Free Trade?" to the judges. Their performance was imppressive and they managed to move forward to the final round consisting of five teams. In the final round both studentare able to prove to the judges of their impressive performance. Finally they got the second place . They are awarded a throphy and cash of 600 USD.

Fika could not believe for what they have accomplished, the article is the first writing competition that they followed. Icha added that what they have accomplished was with the agreat support of faculty, such as guidance and consultations by lecturers to support the registration funding, and departure expenses of the delegates. Their hope to other friends who wish to follow their footsteps to join such competition. By joining such competition, they hope to increase the enthusiasm for learning and competing the economist candidates of the blue campus.

The best three teams in the competition are: the National University of Singapore (Singapore), Universitas Gadjah Mada (Indonesia), and IM Telkom (Indonesia).


Source: Rahmat/FEB