Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada and Djarum Foundation helds its Hand Over assistance ceremony of Djarum Foundation educational assistance to the Faculty of Economics and Business. The aid given is in the form of educational infrastructure manifested in furniture and electronics of the auditorium at the Pertamina Tower. A simple ceremony held at the Faculty hall attended by all faculty members, alumni, staff, students, and also Djarum Foundation scholarship recipient.

The event is opened with the remarks from the Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, represented by prof. WihanaKirana Jaya, M.Soc.Sc., Ph.D. as the Vice Dean for Students, Alumni, and Cooperation. The Following remarks is from representatives of Djarum Foundation, Agus Santoso Suwanto. The representative from alumni, Drs. Harinowo, also gives a speech and congratulates on the educational grant.

Agus Santoso Suwanto from Djarum Foundation and M. Singgih, as director of Asset Management and Maintenance Directorate of UniversitasGadjahMada, both then sign the ratification of the Hand over Assistance.

The event is also continued with the performance of GadjahMada Chamber Orchestra, AnggitoAbimanyu, AningKatamsi, Nugie, and Sierra Sutedjo. Afterwards, the guests are invited to the seventh and eighth floor of Pertamina Tower for a visit.

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