Investment opportunities is not only meant for the have or well-established people from an economic standpoint, yet the business finance may be started from college year when the students are accustomed to plan better financial future. By knowing the right way to invest in capital markets as delivered in a public lecture by the Investor Sales Head Citi Indonesia, I Made Budhi Purnama Artha, for his public lecture in "Financial Market Outlook 2012" at the auditorium MM UGM, Friday (16/3).

In his presentation, Budhi Purnama said that Indonesia's economic growth in the next 3-4 years will inevitably be influenced by the economic situation in Europe and the U.S.. Despite America's economic crisis, it indicates good signs of growth. While in Europe it shows the opposite condition. "What is happening in Europe today will still occur the next 2-3 years due to the slow recovery than in the U.S. While in Asia, there is a correction in economic growth in some countries, one of which Indonesia, "he said.

He said that Indonesia's economic growth this year is predicted to perform a slowdown. Construction and manufacturing are still the driving force of economic growth. "The growth is moving  in the level of 6.3 percent than last year reaching at 6.5 percent. The unemployment  fell from 11 percent to 6.6 percent. Even more interesting, many informal sector businesses that have grown into the formal sector," he said.
The conducive political conditions support the better investment opportunities by the year 2014 although in 2012 the government will implement unpopular policies, such as increasing fuel prices. "But the years 2013 and 2014 policy is usually more of a direction to build the party's image," he added.

Branch manager of PT. Danareksa Securities Cabang Yogyakarta, Yahuda Nawa Yanukrisna, acted as moderator says that the public lectures on financial market opportunities are very useful for students to plunge into investor. One way to figure the economic and financial conditions not only the national economy but also the global economic situation. "Courses such a financial market is very useful for an investor, in order to help financial decision where our funds are supposed to be invested," he said.

Deputy Director for Academic Affairs and Research Magister of Management UGM, Dr. Nurul Indarti, said that the activities of such public lectures is regularly held at MM UGM program to increase knowledge among students. "Through the lecture we would like to educate students to explore the knowledge related to financial market particularly for 2012," said Nurul.

Sources: gusti/ugm