Sub Directorate of Leadership Quality Improvement (PPKB) in collaboration with the Sub Directorate of Student Administration and Development Universita Gadjah Mada, Directorate of Student Affairs UGM University Directorate of Student Affairs organizes  Qualified Leadership Training and the Selection process of the most outstanding student in the university level. According to the Head of Acceleration Buddy of Quality Improvement UGM (Saha, Zulfa Purnamawati, SS, M. Hum., such activity is carried out in order to prepare candidates for outstanding students who will represent UGM in the national level and compete with students from other universities across Indonesia. The activities have been implemented in P4TK Arts and Culture Yogyakarta for three days, on May 4-6, 2012. "The selection is performed to prepare candidates for outstanding students from UGM to the national level," said Zulfa, on Tuesday (8/5).

According Zulfa, there are 31 outstanding students selected by faculty who are nominated for further selection at the university level. After having assessed the grade point average (GPA), extracurricular activities, and English papers, the committee has selected  six candidates for the final stage of selection.

"In the end of the final stage there will be one student representing UGM for the nation wide competition.", she said.

The six candidates are Detiza Goldianto (Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences), Rahmi Khamsita (Faculty of Pharmacy), Herwandani Putri (Faculty of Pharmacy), Nurul Sri Hertanti (Faculty of Medicine), Gresika Bunga Sylvana (Faculty of Economics and Business), and Faelasufa (Faculty ISIPOL).

Despite of the selection process, students will be provided with leadership training from by PPKB UGM. Training activities are conducted both inside and outside the class. The students will be provided with exercises on how to write and publish scientific papers as well as how to deliver a presentation in English. The activities conducted outside the class will cover the out-bond activities aimed to strengthen cooperation.

Source: satria/ugm