In starting a business, learning to bring forth new creativity is something very important. Not just imitate, mimic habit will not fosters creativity. So as to create new product ideas that would need to think outside the box. Is like learning to swim, is not enough to know the theory but must 'plunging' into the water.

"Creativity is like a diamond, you have to hone it always shines. Cussing Never circumstances as an excuse because you are not ready for it," said the CEO of General Eelectric (GE) of Indonesia, Dr. Ir. Handry Satriago, MM., MBA., When filling out a guest lecture in the auditorium of MM UGM.

According to that principle Handry always held in working for fifteen years in GE Indonesia. Until now had assumed the CEO position. Though nearly 70 years GE in Indonesia, there are currently new CEO of Indonesia. Experience as CEO, Handry made her aware of the importance of the nation's youth to have the managerial skills and good leadership, in order to compete on a global level. "If it is not the subject of globalization, then we will always be the object," he added.

He admits, for now Indonesia has not grown for human resources can participate in the global competition. For him, this condition is not unlike hearing former Dutch colonial period. So that needs to be built through a new nationalism. "Not because Batik and Reog recognized force by others. Then we get angry. But with the new nationalism, we expect the children of this nation to be a global player and can win the global competition and to benefit from globalization," he said.

To be a world-class entrepreneur, said Handry, not quite mastered the theory of business but willing to start as a first stage in the form of doing business. For him, business is not just a diagram chart, statistics, however the business is execution. "The leading businessmen begin by feeling. Indeed, not all can be successful, but it's all done by starting from scratch. If you have big dreams, the first step required is a big sacrifice," he added.