UGM Marketing expert, Prof. Dr. Basu Swastha Dharmmestha, MBA., held a solo exhibition of batik paintings titled “Awakening Batik Painting for Memayu Hayuning Bawana”. In the exhibition that was held for five days, 26-30 September 2012, at the Cultural Center Koesnadi Hardjasoemantri (PKKH) UGM displayed 54 paintings batik works by Basu S.D. in the span of years 1968-2012. Some batik paintings depict puppet, peacock, fish, and soldiers.

Basu S.D. said the exhibition was organized as an effort to preserve and develop traditional values to strengthen national identity. Determination of batik as an Indonesian cultural heritage by the United Nations in 2011 further add to the spirit of Basu to play a greater role in the preservation and development of batik, batik Indonesia and even improve its image in the international circles.

Penchant for paint for Basu is not something new. He began to study painting at the famous painter, Bagong Kusudiharjo in 1986. While batik lessons gained from his mother and grandmother. His first painting titled 'Owl' was made in 1968. Furthermore, the 'ugliness vs. Goodness' (1973), Fish (1980), and Two Soldiers Pandawas (1985). Because of busyness as academics, Basu break painting for 25 years. Only in 2010 he started hobby of painting back to the present. Basu added that the idea of holding solo exhibitions have emerged that target last year showcased 100 paintings. Due to time constraints and busy as an academic make targets are yet to be realized.

Meanwhile, the UGM Rector, Prof. Dr. Pratikno, M.Soc.Sc., in his speech on October 20, UGM will declare themselves open stage PKKH UGM to the whole society of artists in Yogyakarta and other areas in Indonesia. This is in accordance with the mandate of the UGM Statute which states that UGM as education and also culture center. "We congratulate and batik painting exhibition complements the spirit of UGM in strengthening our commitment as a cultural center," he said.

In addition to solo exhibitions, Basu S.D. also launched a book entitled “Ilmu Pemasaran dalam Seni Batik Lukis”. Another book was also launched on the occasion was “Batik Lukis Basu S.D.” written by Marissa Haque and Meta Ayu Thereskova. The book is devoted to the artist.