Located in 6th floor Pertamina Tower FEB UGM on Monday (1/10) held book review entitled "Koordinasi dan Interaksi Kebijakan Fiskal-Moneter: Tantangan Kedepan." The book review presented by two expert, they are Perry Warjiyo, S.E., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Bank Indonesia) and Dr. Edhie Purnawan, M.A. (Lecturer of FEB UGM) with Tri Widodo, M.Ec.Dev., Ph.D (Lecturer of FEB UGM) and the moderator Dr. Sri Adiningsih, M.Sc. (Lecturer of FEB UGM) as a book editor.

About 445 pages, this tome is a collection of the writings of the authors who have different backgrounds, both regulatory authorities or former relevant authorities, and academics who wrestle and have expertise in the areas of fiscal and monetary policy. A paper presented in this book covers the history, contemporary developments, empirical studies, the problems and challenges faced as well as the development of future coordination of fiscal and monetary policy in Indonesia. "This book contains 14 papers from 18 authors, eight of them from FEB UGM  and exciting three posts are from dissertations," said Dr. Sri Adiningsih, M.Sc, the editor of the book.

According to Sri Adiningsih, books coordination and interaction of fiscal and monetary policies are very rare. Therefore the publication of this book to fill the void of reading material to review Fiscal and monetary policy coordination. "The preparation of this book took three years, and during that time also we look for journals and writings related to the coordination of fiscal and monetary policies," she said.

Publishing this book to be very important because at the end of 2011 along with the establishment of the Financial Services Authority will change the pattern of management of the financial system and also affects the coordination of fiscal and monetary policy. While there are many people in Indonesia who have a good understanding of fiscal and monetary policy coordination.

Therefore, the publication of the book is expected to meet the needs of the public, academics, economic researchers, and policy makers who want to understand better coordination of fiscal and monetary policy as well as its development in Indonesia. "We all welcome the launch of this book, we hope this book will be a complement components and materials course at the Faculty of Economics and Business UGM," said Prof. Wihana Jaya Kirana, M.Soc.Sc., Ph.D., Vice Dean for Students, Alumni and Partnership, Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada.

Source: www.ugm.ac.id