Master Program in Management Universitas Gadjah Mada (MM UGM) in collaboration with LPPM and Academic Hospital (RSA) hold social activities in Sidorejo Beji, District Ngawen, Gunung Kidul on Thursday (11/10). The social activities conducted by giving 21 goats etawa hybrid, 1 unit lawnmower to manufacture animal feed silage types as well as the manufacture of cattle pens.

On that occasion also conducted free health screening for the elderly with fielded eight doctors, three nurses and two pharmacists. There are at least 170 elderly from 14 area in Beji that follows the free health screening.

Slamet  (50 years old), Chairman of Farmers Group Sidorejo said he was happy with the aid provided by MM UGM. He wished welfare in Sidorejo can be improved through the efforts of the goat farm has been given. "Hopefully this kind of social activity can continue every year because it gives benefits to people here," he said

Another with Tamiyem (60 years old) Tungkluk hamlet, who participated in free health screenings. Since morning he was willing to queue in order to get a free health screenering. Since a few years ago, Tamiyem have high blood pressure "How is not happy, is not willing to be examined and treated," he said.

The headman of Beji, Sularti welcome the aid from MM UGM. The aid is quite beneficial to society. The reason is, any social activity undertaken on the recommendation of the society so that what has been given in accordance with the conditions and potential of the region.

Expresses, since 2010 Beji has been coaching village by MM UGM-based community empowerment education program for sustainable development. For example: Sidorejo hamlet have coaching and facilitation of the catfish and goat, Banaran hamlet developing medical plant, and Duren hamlet cultivation of gamma chicken. Then Daguran Kidul hamlet cultivation catfish, and Bejono hamlet cultivation goat farming and integrated organic farming. "Since 2009 was also a place of UGM Community Service by students. Hopefully programs that are running can be done in a sustainable manner, "he added.

Head of District Ngawen, which in this case represented by his secretary, Sunardi, matching expectations expressed. He hoped the implementation of community empowerment in Beji, Ngawen conducted continuously so that the results can be beneficial to the citizens.

The secretary of Master Progam in Management (MM UGM) campus Jakarta, Bayu Sutikno, Ph.D., responding positively to Beji society's expectations will continue programs that have been running since 2010 ago. He also hopes future MM UGM with LPPM and RSA can provide a greater contribution to the community and surrounding Beji. " Hopefully what we've given can benefiting to Beji residents, Ngawen as a whole," he concluded.

Social activities that take place in Beji, Ngawen, Gunungkidul this time is one of a series of activities to commemorate the-24 anniversary MM UGM. Earlier, in July MM UGM has donated 500 seedlings toga for five hamlets in the village Beji is Sidorejo, Duren, Bejono, Daguran Kidul, and Daguran Lor. Besides, it also delivered the complete library of 90 books agriculture, 2 shelves, 2 tables and 4 long chairs for Beji village.