One more national achievement etched by UGM students. This time Gama Team consist of Traheka Erdyas Bimanatya (Economics 2010), Rahmatdi (Accounting 2010) and Poppy Laksita Rini (Management 2010) from FEB UGM, won the champion II in the 1st Bachelor Journey, which lasts October 3 - 4, 2012 at Universitas Indonesia. The competition was held for the first time is collaboration between Management Research Center (MRC) the Faculty of Economics Universitas Indonesia and Bank Indonesia.

According to Traheka, this competition was initially followed by 120 undergraduate student teams from various universities in Indonesia. Then do the selection and administration up to about 90 teams. From that number they are then given the task to complete the three cases the economy, namely the Regional Development Bank (BPD), inflation, and the credibility of the central bank.

"We worked on their respective campuses. Incidentally UGM cases related to BPD”, said Traheka on Tuesday (16/10).

Traheka added from 90 teams ultimately 18 teams selected and deserve to advance to the final round. Of three case studies each followed by 6 teams. Each team then made a presentation in front of the jury come from Bank Indonesia, FE UI, Perbanas, and representatives of banking institutions. On that occasion Gama team lifted the title of research "Optimizing Function of Regional Development Bank (BPD) as Agent of Regional Development."

They do research guided by Edhie Purnawan, MA., Ph.D., they see the problem as a function optimization BPD as Agent of Regional Development due to internal constraints of the BPD and SMEs. Therefore, the policy of Bank Indonesia should not only be directed to the supply side but also the demand side of demand for SMEs loans.

In addition to the ability of BPD become Regional Credit Guarantee Company (PPKD), Traheka said, needs to be reconsidered because of the terms of the characteristics of, BPD and PPKD have some fundamental differences, namely the status and the nature of the company.

"Another alternative could be done to strengthen the role of regional development banks in lending to the productive is by Public Private Partnership concept. Regional Development Bank as a private party while PPKD as the public, "said student born in Denpasar, June 21, 1992.

Gama Team also considered the responsibility of coaching BPD and SMEs should not only be done by the Bank of Indonesia or any local government. But also by involving academics from universities and central government so the benefits derived from greater guidance.