Forex Trading is one of the tools of investment funds in the money market large enough in the world. Along with the growth of internet technology, anyone can do it. With the phenomenon of Forex Trading, Intellectual Division of Management Students Association (IKAMMA) FEB UGM in collaboration with Department of Management FEB UGM held a workshop with topic: "Forex Trading" (11/9), with speakers from Monex Investindo Futures, Yogyakarta.

The event was held in one day lasted 150 minutes, housed in Faculty Computer Laboratory third floor of the south wing. In the workshop, students were given the knowledge of Forex such as definition Forex itself, differences in trading and investment, the difference Forex and money changer, and the uniqueness that exist in the Forex itself. Besides, students explained how to read a currency pair, direct currency, indirect currency and cross currency. The impact of exchange rate changes such as to direct the currency like the Euro and Dollar, when the Dollar currency of the primary economic being well so Euro on the cross currency will go down, and vice versa. As for the indirect currency like the Euro and Dollar, Dollar strengthened when the intrinsic value of the amount to be weakened, but the nominal value is up.

Students also described the trading rules, margin illustrations, the power of leverage, the definition of PIP (Point in Percent) and lots. Then, also explained how to read the data in Monex Trader software, such as market worth and more.

With this workshop students are expected to improve their ability in terms of investment funds in the capital market and in terms of foreign exchange trading with integrated enrichment analysis and techniques required in order to obtain a larger gain.

Source: ikamma/feb