Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada organizes Alumni Gathering 2012 at the UGM campus in Jakarta, on Sunday 2/12. The event, titled "Inisiasi Alumni FEB UGM dalam Mempersiapkan Indonesia Maju" is a new breakthrough for Faculty in organizing this annual event.

According to Prof. Wihana Kirana Jaya, as Dean of the faculty in his speech, alumni gathering this time was very strategic where specifically invited alumni of FE UGM (FEB UGM) who occupy strategic positions in both the government and public sectors to talk about ideas for UGM ahead (FEB UGM) in particular and the role of alumni in advancing the nation in general. In the event that packed like 'Talk Show' are alternately speaking graduates, including Anies Baswedan (class of 1989), Bambang Sudibyo (class of 1972), Djauhari Oeratmangun (class of 1976), M. Zamkhani (class of 1985), Perry Warjiyo (class of 1977), Ainun Na'im (class of 1979), Denny Puspa Purbasari (class of 1993), Zainal Sudjais (class of 1962), R. Agus Sartono (class of 1982) and Nasjid Majidi (class of 1983) accompanied by the moderator A. Tony Prasetiantono (class of 1981) and M. Edhie Purnawan (class of 1986).

Besides that, Prof. Wihana also expressed alumni programs already running. He said the contribution of alumni until 2010 has pooled fund roughly IDR 600 million, the majority of these funds are used for scholarships for student living costs IDR 300,000 per month until graduation. Moreover, the alumni class of 1976 contribute IDR 100 million for the construction of Pertamina Tower. Prof. Wihana expect to the alumni in this gahtering to establish and expand the network of FEB alumni at national and international levels, and alumni can share their knowledge to younger siblings of FEB students by way of 'alumni back to campus'.

As a appreciation to alumni who have contributed much to the faculty, FEB giving charter of 'Alumni Award' delivered by prof. Wihana to representatives of Alumni class of 1959, 1973, 1975, 1976 and 1979.

See photo albums alumni gathering: here