The year 2012 is a special year for FEB alumni the class of 1987, considering this year entered the age of silver years, 25 years. This momentum is not wasted by FEB alumni the class of 1987. On Saturday (8/12) the alumni provides a special time to hold a reunion on the campus of the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada and University Club Hotel.

Without a special theme taken in this reunion. Reunion events are divided into two agenda. The first agenda is to do a visit to the faculty and meetings with the Dean of FEB UGM Prof. Wihana Kirana Jaya, M.Soc.Sc, Ph.D in Auditorium FEB UGM. The event takes place starting at 3.00pm and continued the second event which is the main event dinner and gathering that took place in the Hall Room University Club (UC) Hotel start at 7.00pm until 11.00pm.

"From the number of 287 alumni has registered, a number of 102 alumni confirm to present but 4 alumni canceling to present, so the participants that present here is 98 alumni" said reunion committee chairman Wahyu Anggono or more familiar named Todon.

Todon added that the reunion in this time is the first and the largest reunion of alumni the class of 1987, previously reunion was only small reunion and did not accommodate for all majors. "We do not want to waste the momentum of this silver year, should get together, should be a reunion!" he said with enthusiasm. Asked why take place in Yogyakarta not in Jakarta?, he replied "We want to see back the campus, want to know the development of campus, and want to try to remove the gap appeared between the campus and alumni communities."

The event took place at the UC Hotel that runs smoothly and festive. See all look happy smile of any alumni who came. Live music with older songs add to the lively atmosphere. First on the agenda at a meeting that night is a take picture together, all alumni seem relaxed and full of expression in posing. The second agenda is continued with the introduction of alumni, not all the alumni showed up to introduce themselves. But, one person from each majors representatives to the stage and mention the name of his colleague who was present. The introduction starts from Accounting majors and then Management and the last one is Economics. The next agenda and become the main agenda and the great purpose why this reunion was held is a discussion of dividing the region coordinator each majors. In that occasion selected 5 persons each majors to become coordinator of the region.

In this reunion, recorded there are three lecturers of FEB UGM who is also the alumni the class of 1987 was present. They are the Chairman of the Department of Management: Dr. Sahid Susilo Nugroho, M.Sc, lecturer of Accounting: Dr. Rusdi Akbar, M.Sc and the last is lecturer of Management: Dra. Reni Rosari, MBA. In the begining of the event, Dr. Rusdi Akbar, M.Sc had contributed his voice to entertain alumni with singing 'Cintakan Membawamu' popularized by Dewa 19 and accompanied with piano played by Dr. Sahid Susilo Nugroho, M.Sc.

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