Circulation of illegal cigarette excise extremely detrimental to the state, particularly from the taxation sector whose value is estimated at hundreds of billions of dollars. Estimated losses to the state ranges from 412 to 596 billion rupiah, or about 0,52 to 0,75 percent of the revenue target 80 trillion rupiah in 2012.

"This figure is an increase compared to total loss estimated in 2010 that the range between 209 to 307 billion, or 0,33 to 0,49 percent of total recipients excise rate of 64 trillion rupiah," said Drs. Muhammad Edhie Purnawan, MA, Ph.D.

Presents the results of research center for Economic Studies and Policy Seminar of State Losses Due to Illegal Cigarette Excise, in the Auditorium of BRI, Friday (14/12), Edhie Purnawan reveal any form of personalized manufacturing unlisted numbers to be the largest contributor to this loss, especially those from Kretek Cigarettes Machine (SKM). While the cigarette manufacturers registered, Kretek Cigarettes Machine (SKM) II also been the largest losses.

"There's something wrong allocation, clearance for 20 rods affixed to the shaft 16, false declaration, the use of the former to no excise tax. Cigarettes without excise stamps, plain is the largest contributor to losses listed on the manufacturer, "he said.

Of the 16 locations surveyed, most violations are found in the province of South Sulawesi, with the wrong type of offense most personalized and plain. While the lowest was found in violation of DIY." These findings are unlikely to change compared to the survey in 2010. Based on original factory town, as contained in the package, the majority of the illegal cigarette excise tax does not include information from the city of factories," he added.

Dr. Artidiatun Adji, researchers at PSEK UGM reveals Indonesia is the world's fifth largest tobacco consumer after China, India, the United States and Russia. Although containing negative externalities out, smoking contributes budget of 80 trillion rupiah." Admittedly there are benefits inherent in the production of cigarettes," she said.

Economist, Tony Prasetiantono, Ph.D stated publicly expose illegal cigarette tax is the second study conducted PSEK UGM, after Peruri consortium doing the same thing. Although expected to fade, the tobacco industry even more advanced himgga able to contribute 80 trillion rupiah budget.

For her cigarette industry in a dilemma, he hated because of health effects, as well as necessary because tax revenue." And he became the industry that absorbs a lot of manpower," said Chief of PSEK UGM.

Sources: agung/ugm