The name of former Rector, Prof. Dr. Sukadji Ranuwihardjo, M.A., immortalized into the name of the Auditorium at MM UGM. The inauguration ceremony was marked by unveiling naming names Auditorium Sukadji Ranuwihardjo by the wife Prof. Dr. Soetarlinah Sukadji Ranuwihardjo, on Monday (17/12). Witnessed by Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business Prof. Wihana Jaya Kirana, M.Soc.Sc., Ph.D., and Chairman of MM UGM, Prof. Lincolin Arsyad, Ph.D.

His wife, Soetarlinah, seemed thrilled to recognize her husband's name immortalized in a building owned by MM UGM were 24 years ago, exactly 2 July 1988, once the inauguration while still serving as Director General of Higher Education Department of Education. Soetarlinah voice trembled and whispered when starting his speech. Not much is conveyed former rector's wife. Except for a thank you.

"Thank you, has immortalized his name," she said quietly. Pause, he continued his sentence.

"Hopefully, this meeting room more and more useful," the message said, closing remarks.

Lincolin Arsyad storytelling, Prof. Sukadji was the initiator of the establishment of the Master of Management Universitas Gadjah Mada in the same time with the establishment of the Master of Management Universitas Indonesia. Prof. Sukadji gain trust by Education Minister Fuad Hasan to officiate the opening of the Master of Management UGM. "He believed Fuad Hasan to officiate program study that he initiated," said Lincolin.

Wihana Kirana have special memories with Prof. Sukadji. His house located in a housing complex of university lecturers for consultation Wihana thesis that guided by Sukadji. "Because our house not too far away, I often come to consultations," recalls Wihana whose father is a lecturer in FE UGM.

The most memorable Wihana to figure Sukadji is his strict and simple behavior. At every opportunity, Sukadji always stressed the importance of promoting scientific ethics. "His views on the development of society, not only refers to the values ​​and industry but also the values ​​of the institution. Models this institution he taught economics," he said.

Wihana appreciate and support initiatives of Lincolin Arsyad when he need to change the name of Auditorium Master of Managemet to Auditorium Sukadji Ranuwihardjo. "FEB grateful to Prof. Sukadji. We had a great thinker in FEB. Not only there are Vice President or Director General," he said.

Prof. Dr. Sukadji is a familiar figure at UGM. Spent nearly half his age an official. Besides being a lecturer at the Faculty of Economics, he served as Dean of the Faculty of Economics, 1969-1973, after that he became Rector of UGM 1973-1981. And then became Director General of Higher Education in 1984-1991. Finally, a BRI commissioner from 1999 to 2001. Men born in Blitar, November 9, 1931 it died on August 11, 2007 at the age of 76 years.

Sources: gusti/ugm