With the theme "23 Years Back to Campus", the alumni reunion Accounting Department FEB UGM batch 1989 which was held on Saturday (22/12) aims to establish ties that have been strained. Besides, homecoming is also intended to motivate the next reunion. It is expected that the next reunion-25 years can be attended by all students of the armed Faculty of 1989, and not only from the Department of Accounting course.

"Humanism UGM not to lose. Professionals you must, but do not forget that we have a root UGM," said Pramod Hardjanto reunion committee chairman. Faculty breezeway used as a 23-year reunion Back to Campus. The decor was also made in order to create a nostalgic atmosphere. Provided also popular foods of the 80's around the breezeway.

The event starts at 07.00 pm, and any invited guests who come get a souvenir in the form of a red shirt. In addition to the red shirts, invited guests also get blangkon for male guests and a small shawl for women. The event was also attended by the Dean's like Prof. Wihana Jaya Kirana, M.Soc.Sc, Ph.D, M. Edhie Purnawan, MA, Ph.D, Eko Suwardi, M.Sc, Ph.D, Chairman of the Department of Accounting Mahfud Solichin, M.Acc, Ph.D. and Vice Chancellor for Planning, Finance and Information Systems Dr. Didi Achjari, M.Com which is one of the alumni of Accounting 1989.

Prof. Wihana Jaya Kirana, Dean of the Faculty of Economics and Business giving his speech as the representative of the Faculty. Then scholarships given symbolically to Alfian Andre Yulianto and Malvinda Apik Gusumawati. Two students are the recipients of the Alumni batch 1989 selection results before. The event is a relaxed and ended with the screening of photo documentation while still a student at the Faculty of Economics.

Sources: nia/feb