As in previous years, this year the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (UGM) again received dozens of foreign students to study on campus. Welcoming ceremony for foreign students titled "Welcome Cocktail" has been held on Friday, February 8th, located on the 7th floor Pertamina Tower FEB UGM. The Welcome cocktail attended by Dean's officials, faculty and department administrators, faculty staff, Student Executive Board, Student Ambassadors, and of course foreign students.

This year the Faculty received seventeen foreign students who come from different countries such as France, Germany, and the Netherlands. They will be studied at the Faculty both in student exchange programs and double degree. Welcome cocktail begins with a description of academic and non-academic rules for foreign students for study at UGM. It is presented by Rangga Almahendra, Ph.D. Introducing the academic and non-academic rules is important to be known by foreign students studying to be able to smoothly.

Not limited to an explanation of the regulation of foreign faculty but the students are also introduced to the campus and student life outside the classroom by the Student Executive Board (BEM FEB UGM). "Foreign students are able to provide a lot of inspiration and shared global insights for students of Faculty" said Chairman of BEM FEB UGM, Aldo Egi (Accounting, 2011). Welcome cocktail a very pleasant walk. The foreign students come to know and close to academician in UGM, lecturers, staff, and students.

In his welcoming speech the Vice Dean for Academic and Student Affairs, BM Purwanto, Ph.D., stated that foreign students are not expected to spend time on campus just to learn it. The foreign students are strongly advised to take extra activities outside the classroom both sports and arts such as softball and gamelan. Even Purwanto also invite foreign students to join the faculty play volleyball every Sunday morning. "Only when the volleyball match that you can smashing the ball into the Professor without going scolded," quipped Purwanto.

Welcome cocktail also introduces the student ambassadors. They are students of Faculty who will be a friend and help the needs of foreign students during their life on campus. Student Ambassadors are chosen from selection by the Office of International Affairs Faculty. Through this cocktail is expected to welcome foreign students are able to know the life on campus Faculty comfortably both activities in the classroom and outside the classroom.

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