Profit-oriented businesses are common. However, when the business was established not for profit but to help the poor, it is really quite remarkable. It was conducted by the founder and CEO Yayasan Cinta Anak Bangsa (YCAB), Veronica Colondam. The Foundation was founded fourteen years ago, overshadowed the three companies and a cooperative, managed to educate 2.2 million children dropouts of school in Indonesia. Not only send their children dropouts of school in the studio to learn even she finds work for them after graduation. Their parents also received capital assistance through soft loan.

"Studio for a place to learn that we have already established in 16 provinces, 36 cities, involving 8719 volunteers and 78 thousand activities," she said when speaking at the executive series in the auditorium Sukadji Ranuwiraho, Master of Management, Faculty of Economics, on Saturday (02/23).

Women who were born in Manado, 41 years ago, said what she was done purely to help others. Departing from concern the number of children dropouts of school age throughout Indonesia that reaches 3 million every year. "One out of three children are not able to pursue an education. There are 3 million dropouts every year. Each Indoneisa child had hopes for the school," said the winner Ernst & Young Social Entrepreneur 2011.

The choice to devote themselves to helping others she recognized solely to provide something more for others. For him, life is a success which could be useful for others in the next 10-15 years. "We can not see success when we are still alive. Rather, success is when we die and our name to be remembered. So that's what I want to do," he said.

He explained that when the foundation YCAB in the year 2000, he was having trouble finding donors. Every time he went to friends and colleagues will be asked for a donation mistaken. Then Veronika founded several companies to assist the foundation. "For me at that time how to make your existing business social elements," she said. Some established companies are engaged in the sales of toys, games rides and a beauty salon.

Subsequently, he founded Koperasi Simpan Pinjam. This business founded as difficult to get children dropouts of school to learn at his own studio. Average age children dropouts of school to work to help additional family income. Then, through a business established Veronica, she gave the lure for parents who put their children dropouts of school will loan business loans. "With the condition the child has to learn that he passed," she said.

Although impressed force, said Veronika, it is very effective effort. Even parents find age children dropouts of school than other families. Veronika job unfinished until these kids graduate. She also helped find jobs for those who want to work immediately or fund those who wish to continue their education to higher education.

Master of Management Director, Prof. Dr. Lincolin Arsyad, MBA., Said the business they work for the benefit Veronica moving very minimal social problems in Indonesia. According to her, what she can inspire the others to do the same thing that founded the company not merely for profit but to help the people in need, "In essence, how to make money but beneficial to the people, not for yourself and handful of people, " he concluded.

Sources: gusti/ugm