Universitas Gadjah Mada achieved grade 'A' from Higher Education Institutions Accreditation (AIPT), National Agency for Higher Education Accreditation (BANPT) which was released in late February. From eight universities which received accreditation, UGM is one of eight universities that achieved grade 'A'. Universitas Gadjah Mada reached a total score 378 out of a maximum score 400. While IPB scored 375 and ITB scored 370. As is known, from 30 universities in Indonesia which has been accredited by AIPT, eight universities get a grade 'A', 20 universities get grade 'B' and the remaining two universities accredited with grade 'C'. Eight universities that get grade 'A' as follows: UGM, IPB, ITB, UI, UNHAS, UII, Univ.Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta and Univ.Muhammadiyah Malang.

In response, Vice Rector UGM for Academic and Student Affairs, Prof. dr. Iwan Dwi Prahasto, M.Med.Sc., Ph.D., said the results of the institution's accreditation is not the ultimate goal for Universitas Gadjah Mada. UGM values ​​obtained indicate that the process of continuous quality improvement by UGM yielded positive results. "The process will continue to be done in a more systematic resulting in continuous improvement," said Prof. Iwan in his office, on Wednesday (3/4).

According to Prof. Iwan, to achieve accreditation grade 'A' is not easy as there are many important aspects considered, such as the achievement of the vision, mission, goals and objectives, governance, management and quality assurance, and a graduate student, human resources, curriculum, finance, infrastructure, information systems , research, cooperation and community service. Therefore it takes a strong commitment of various parties, at the university level as well as the units, not just at the leadership level but also the operational employees. "Quality improvement program will not be successful without all of their hard work," he added.

Other important matters related to the assessment made by AIPT from BORANG forms reported by UGM to the team of assessors include education funding model that applied UGM for economically disadvantaged students. "UGM has 150 types of scholarships to increase accessibility to higher education for student with the status of economically disadvantaged, but excel academically," he said.

From a total of 58 thousand students, UGM has as many as 2.080 lecturers does not includes of 400 honorary lecturers. "More than 38 percent of UGM lecturers is doctoral degree," he said and adding a number of 300 professors.

Higher grade of accreditation is satisfactory as well as an encouragement UGM in achieving international accreditation. Continuous quality improvement process has been implemented by the various units in UGM. Recognition by the international institutions of high repute has received, for example by Chemistry Undergraduate Program managed to be the first study program at UGM who get international accreditation from the Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC), London, England. RSC is the largest international organization in Europe which is based in Cambridge, London, England. Other faculty also trying hard to get international recognition. Department of Management and Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business is currently entering the final stage which is very important in order to process the accreditation of the Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business (AACSB). "If the process is managed well then UGM will be the first university in Indonesia, majoring in Management and Accounting accredited by AACSB," he concluded.

Sources: Gusti/UGM