The Undergraduate Program  of the Department of Management (Business) FEB-UGM has successfully achieved the best national rank 2013 based on a survey to all state universities with national accreditation A that is conducted in the Greater Jakarta by Mix Magazine from SWA Media Group . The survey evaluates the performance of undergraduate study programs based on two factors: (1) Students and their parent rating and (2) Employers (companies or public institutions) rating.

Universitas Gadjah Mada achieves the highest score of 8.44 which is the mean score of students and their parent rating of 8.83 and employers rating of 8.04. The following universities in the second and the third ranks are the University of Indonesia (Total Score 8.23) and Bandung Institute of Technology (Score Total 8, 07).

This remarkable achievement particularly becomes a special award for Faculty Members of the Department of Management who have been working hard to educate, teach and supervise the students. This success is also due to the support of The Dean Office, and the service quality of the Supporting Offices ( Academic Office, International Office, Student Affairs Office, Library Unit and Information Systems Unit) to the students.

Source: Sahid S. Nugroho/Head of Management Department