Student Service Center (SSC) Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada comes back with their Alumni Lecture Series. Thatit Guritno, the Chief Executive Officer of GS1 Indonesia was the alumni who gave general lecture in this campus (4/10). The topic was a popular subject in operation management "Standardization and Supply Chain Management".

His lecture focused on the barcode usage by some business companies to be globally integrated. One of the barcodes discussed by Guritno was GS1 barcode. Nowadays, many multinational companies such as P&G, Nestle, Unilever, Walmart, Coca Cola use GSI barcode.

GS1 barcode can easily identify the type, the quantity and the location of the products around the world. Using this system, a company will be able to increase their efficiency in supply chain. “The function (of GS1 barcode) is just to identify the products in the numerical form, but the benefit is much bigger than that," he said.

The usage of global barcode helps the companies avoid wasted products that must be supplied to the retailers. Yet in Indonesia, many companies are not familiar with this barcode system because of some reasons. One of them is the economy of scale factor, said Gurtino.

That afternoon the general lecture class was overload. Some students sat on the floor. The discussion between Guritno and the students was very critical. One of the students, Harits Budi Susilo said that the lecture was stimulating him to learn more about information system. "Business school students should not only study about theories, but also the technical things," he added.

Source: Arthur/FEB