"Where do you see yourself in 5 or 10 years?." The question asked by Ie Tje Sing, CEO of PT Reksa Finance, was responded with silence. Nowadays, some students still do not know how their future will be or where they will pursue their career path. Department of Management FEB UGM and Management Students Association (IKAMMA FEB UGM) held a CEO Talk : Career Development Program (24/10) to overcome the problem. "This event (CEO Talk) is held for the third time, and I expect this event can help management students to determine their future career," said Sahid Nugroho, Ph.D., the Chairman of Management Department of FEB UGM.

Ie Tje Sing is an alumni of FEB UGM who has a successful career in finance and banking industry. On 2013, Ie Tje Sing was awarded as "The Best Scientific CEO in Indonesia" and PT Reksa Finance also got an award of “The Best Company in Indonesia” from Investor Magazine.

Before delivering the main content of general lecture, Ie Tje Sing told students that everyone has different personality, and different personality needs different method of study. To be a successful student, we need not only hard competencies but also soft competencies (problem solving, communication, leadership, and team work). Soft competencies will create people to be reliable leaders.

Ie Tje Sing showed there are a lot of career potencies in finance and banking industries. Indonesia has a lot of big finance and banking companies that are proper to pursue a success career such as bank, finance company, finance security company, or insurance company. Ie Tje Sing emphasized, It is not the place that matters for someone’s career. How someone shows his/her competency is more matter. "To be a successful person, we have to combine three aspects: experience, knowledge, and paradigm or the way of thinking. We won’t succeed without making any changes in our life," said Ie Tje Sing.