Creativity is an important part to develop a business. Without creativity people will not have an engine of innovation for the business. However, creativity is not enough. Creativity should be supported by research and analytical capability. The combination of creativity and research creates a huge business innovation, that we called Google. Besides being a search engine, Google is a big research company for problem solving and finding next trends by algorithm and another research method. Creativity should be supported by comprehensive research to develop a successful innovation strategy.

The importance of research behind every business is delivered by M. Arief Budiman, CEO of Petakumpet and Chairman of Pinasthika Creativestival. Arief came to FEB UGM with a team from Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy Republic of Indonesia to socialize about Indonesia Kreatif Goes to Campus (23/10). As the best research university in Indonesia, UGM is the proper place to campaign research as one the best potential creative sector in the future. Indonesia Creative persuaded students to explore business creativity and competency around the environment. Nowadays, there is a phenomenon that businessman especially SMEs is walking alone for doing his/her business. Indonesia Kreatif wants to integrate three main pillars of economic sector: government, businessman, and academic sector. Academic sector becomes important because of their research and analytical capability can help businessmen to solve their problems and predict the future trends.

In addition to deliver the research result and creativity, Arief also brought up some success keys of the business. People should look for problems because problems are opportunities to take and people need to be failure because after the failure they will be more creative. In the end of the session, Arief closed the general lecture with a motivational quotation: "Basically everyone was born as a genius until he/she gives up on others’ arguments that transform him/her to become an ordinary man."

Source: Poppy/FEB