Majapahit team from Universitas Gadjah Mada, has won the CIMB Asean Stock Challenge 2013 and took home the cash prize of US $ 12,000.

ASEAN Stock Challenge (ASC) initiated by CIMB Group is a regional stock trading competition that is held every year for undergraduate students from Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand to provide cross-border trade experience in four major ASEAN stock exchanges. They will be given the experience of buying and selling stocks online trading in a simulated environment.

Entering its fourth year, the ASC allows participants to trade in Bursa Malaysia, Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX), Singapore Exchange (SGX) and the Stock Exchange of Thailand (SET) through a single virtual trading platform, which can be accessed through the Android and Apple iOS.

The Majapahit team, consisting of four FEB UGM students include:

  1. Mada Satria Putra (Manajemen 2010)
  2. Fadhilah Rahmatina (Manajemen 2010)
  3. Mochamad Rahadiyan (Manajemen 2009)
  4. Zaken Salomo Togar Pardomuan (Manajemen 2010)

Malaysia's Transcend of Monash University Sunway Campus clinched second place with a cash prize of US$ 8,000, while Axel of the Singapore National University bagged US$ 5,000 for third, with fourth going to Thailand's Kawin & Friends of Chulalongkorn University who took home US$ 3,000.

All the academicians of FEB UGM congratulate to them on his achievements and this achievement can hopefully inspire other FEB students.

Source: Wheni/FEB