The establishment of the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) brings its many changes in the eradication of corruption cases that have been attempted. A growing number of cases are revealed and resolved. Several caught red-handed perpetrators do not only come from business persons, but also from government officials. In addition to eradicate, another important thing to do is the prevention of the corruption itself.

In the sharing session entitled "Common Knowledge of Money Laundering and Asset Tracking Techniques Associated with Criminal Acts of Corruption" (13/3/14), Daly Rustamblin, Ak. MM, CFE and Arif Waluyo, S.E., MBA as the KPK officials provided more explanation of money tracking and money laundering. It is also a form of prevention effort undertaken to educate society by KPK.

“Money laundering is the action performed by the businessman to cover profit derived from illegal businesses with the opening of other legal businesses. So people will think that the profit earned is resulted from the legal one,” said Arif. Thus, the businessmen seem running businesses in a legal way. This term comes from the thinking of Al Capone, leader of a group of gangsters in Chicago, America who had many illegal businesses in 1920-1931.

However, in Indonesia, this type of crime is still not as many as corruption. Therefore, in order to prevent a new outbreak of this action, KPK carries out various things, such as asset mapping, profiling individuals to describe them, and many more. Daly revealed that in order  to carry out the task, he and his colleagues often have to make disguises. “I have pretended to be a dustman to collect bon or discarded notes (to be able to do the mapping and profiling),” he said. Arif and Daly also stated that prevention is the most important thing to do. The eradication of corruption and money laundering will probably become possible with the active participation from all residents.

Source: Nadia/FEB