International trade challenge has become big issue for emerging country like Indonesia. Strengthening competitiveness and national stability are the keys to keep improving and survive in the global competition. This issue was discussed at 'East Asia Policy Dialogue: Leveling Up Indonesia’s Value Added' (Thursday, 04/17) at Sheraton Mustika Yogyakarta Hotel. This event is initiated by Master of Science and Doctoral Program Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (M.Sc and Doctor FEB UGM) collaborated with Economic Research Institute for East Asia (ERIA) and Secretariat of the Vice President of Republic of Indonesia. The dialogue presented experts on national economic condition and global competitiveness, Iwan Jaya Aziz (Head Office of Regional Economic, Integration Asian Development Bank) and Fukunari Kimuta (Chief Economist ERIA). The dialogue also invited an honor guest, Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia, H. E. Budiono.  Tony Prasetiantono guided the dialogue as moderator.

As the first speaker, Budiono pointed out two main issues: how to survive in the crisis and maintain national stability and how to become more competitive. “There are three well proven methods to maintain national stability: prudent fiscal and monetary policy, good financial sector, and highly control of government and private debts,” said Budiono. He added that creativity should be developed to make a sustainable competitiveness for Indonesia.  Iwan Jaya Aziz as the next speaker pointed out the big impact and role of financial sector on global economic. He also showed the data of international trade growth both in Asia and Indonesia. “To be more competitive there should be policy that supports competition atmosphere and productivity,” said Aziz. The last speaker, Fukunari Kimura pointed out Indonesia had good potential to be a part of leader on global competition. Fukunari Kimura added that Indonesia must fully participate in international production network, develop logistic link, and formulate an efficient industrial agglomeration.

Dialogue also attended by special guests, Hidetoshi Nishimura (Executive Director of ERIA), Djoko Kirmanto (Minister of Public Work of RI), Denny Indrayana (Vice Minister of Justice and Human Rights of RI), and KGPAA Paku Alam IX (Vice Governor of DIY). General lecture series also held before the dialogue session. General lecture presented speakers such as: Dr. Lili Yang In (Researcher of ERIA), Dr. Ari Kuncoro (Dean of Faculty of Economics ,Universitas Indonesia), and Dr. Sjamsu Rahardja (Senior Economist of World Bank).

Source: Poppy/UGM