Performing a presentation is not easy. Without sufficient knowledge and training, a presenter can not achieve the goal well. In a presentation a presenter is not a narrator. A presenter is a captain in the event. It is not appropriate when a presenter just reading the slides that are displayed on the screen.

"There are five major mistakes that often occur in a presentation: no clear point, no audience benefit, no clear flow, too detailed, and too long", said Adriani Surono in 88th Alumni Gathering with theme "Presentation Skills" (Saturday, 04/26) which was also attended by other 88th alumni members, namely, Amelin Herani Herawan, Eddiwan Danusaputro, and Syafrudin M. Adam.

On the occasion, Adriani Surono also said that energy is very important in the presentation because presentation is about transmitting the energy. To be able to channel the energy well, there are five important things to be done: apply the fundamental principle, present your story with full impact in a clear and logical manner,  sharpen your delivery skills and develop  a more dynamic style, convert the question-and-answer forum into a pleasant and productive dialogue, and choose effective visuals.

In this event, the participants were given the opportunity to practice presentations. This activity is planned to be held every three months.

Sources: Arlina/FEB