The role of BUMN (state-owned company) as a driver of economic growth in Indonesia is undeniable. In addition to managing resources related to the lives of many people, activities of BUMN also play a role in reflecting the quality of Indonesia's economic performance which is likely to increase. But apparently, in the middle of the development and dynamics of business and economy that grows faster, the management of state-owned companies is indicated to have deviated from the government’s regulation.

This fact is highlighted in the CEO Talk The Walk with speaker Dr. Fajar Harry Sampurno Kuffal, MBA., President Director of PT Dahana (Persero) and Dr. A. Tony Prasetiantono, M.Sc., Lecturer of FEB UGM on Wednesday (21/5) at 9:30a.m. In the discussion that took place in the Auditorium BRI Master of Science and Doctor of the Faculty, disclosed that the current management goal has shifted from the regulation context. It is indicated by the numbers of state-owned companies that change their status from the Perum, Perjan, and others into Perseroan Terbatas. It also affects the overall performance of state-owned companies.

Fajar also revealed one indication of the deviation caused by the applicable law was less relevant to the today’s condition, so that state-owned companies management practice is considered to deviate from the track. Improvements in work attitudes, behavior, and assessment of legislation are some efforts to enhance the performance of state-owned companies in order to achieve the outcomes and objectives that set out and in accordance with legislation. State-owned companies management should focus on the obligations that must be met. Law also needs to be reviewed to keep it relevant.

Source: Sekar/FEB