On Thursday (21/8) and Friday (22/8) Bank Mandiri held a Talent Scout at Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM). Independently Talent Scout is a series of activities organized by the bank at the best universities in Indonesia. The purpose

of these activities was to provide inspiration to the final year students or recently completed the Bachelor Program on the potential of banking in Indonesia. It also provided an overview of careers in the banking sector and information about career opportunities at Bank Mandiri.

The first day was a sharing session by Kresno Sediasi, the Director of Bank Mandiri (an alumni of FEB UGM) with the theme "Becoming Indonesia's Next Top Leader", met and greet with the employees of Bank Mandiri (alumni of Universitas Gadjah Mada), and a general explanation of the selection process of Officer Development programs. Thit event that held at Djarum Foundation Auditorium FEB UGM presented Kresno Sediasi (Director of Technology and Operations), O.C. Harry Pudjiatmoko (Group Head of Procurement and Fixed Assets), Andrianto Wahyu Adi (Group Head of Product), Ari Bowo (CEO of Region VII Semarang), and H. Harjito Prasojo (Deputy Regional Manager Kanwil 7 Semarang).

In the second day, the agenda is the first selection process, namely the interview, held at Bank Mandiri Sudirman branch.

Source: arlin/feb