Saturday (30/8) International week session would be one of the greatest experiences for the participants. In the last day of International Week 2014, FEB UGM provided a whole-day course about presentation.

The first session was from Dr. Rangga Almahendra, S.T., M.M., the Manager of Office of International Affairs Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM). He talked about everything that the people should know about effective and professional presentations.

To be effective, presenters should have suitable appearance, good eye-contact, confidence, and proper attitudes in the stage, and be knowledgeable about the material presented.  Moreover, the way of managing questions and answers (Q&A) session was another important part of a great presentation.

“You should not do any disturbing things, such as play with anything during the presentation, it will distract your audiences’ focus,” said Rangga.

The session was continued by team preparation for a presentation simulation for the next schedule. The teams that have been formerly prepared were asked to use the two hours for preparation.

After preparation time, all teams were required to present their materials about certain issues in international business. For instance, team 9 and 10 presented about “International Worker Mobility”, whereas team 7 and 8 explained about “Child Labor”.

There were also a few judges that addressed comments and questions to the presentation teams. The purpose was to give constructive feedback to the team members and to train them in managing Q&A session.

At the end of all presentations, the organizer awarded the best presenting team in the session.

Source: Monic/FEB