The best company always looks for the best people. That is why McKinsey & Company came to FEB UGM for sharing and recruitment session on Friday (3/10). This was the second time they visited FEB UGM to meet the best potential people to be offered a job in their high-ranked firm.

McKinsey & Company is a leading consulting firm, which have been continuously named as number one among all other top-tier consulting firms. Generally mentioned as the M in “MBB” (MBB stands for McKinsey, Boston Consulting Firm, and Bain & Company), they are awarded by enormous number of reputed institutions as the best of the best as well. For instance, Vault Consulting Rankings named them as the most prestigious consulting firm in 2014.

The first session started with the introduction of the firm. Striving to the best was always become their continuous vision. McKinsey had a great environment to grow and develop its consultants. The path in this firm would not be easy, however, due to its highly competitive environment (remember that it always recruited the best of the best!).

“Don’t think that you will only meet you peers from UI, ITB, or UGM only. You will meet so many great people from Harvard, MIT, and other best schools all over the world!” said Edison, current Associate of the firm conducted the sharing session.

“We are looking for confidence, optimist, and excellent people,” said Tyas, McKinsey South East Asia office recruiter.

The sharing session continued by PST (Problem Solving Test) for those who had been invited by McKinsey HR team. The invited students were the final year students who were the best performers in their batch (proven by the high GPA).

The firm may back in March for another sharing and recruitment session. In March, the students will also have an opportunity to join YLI (Young Leaders for Indonesia) forum, a community built by McKinsey to build future leaders of Indonesia.

“This is a commitment of the firms to make a positive impact to Indonesia since we exist to change and make continuous improvement to everything that we ‘touch’,” said Ghufron, McKinsey Consultant, in talking about YLI.

Source: Lay/FEB