On Monday, November 3, 2014, Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between DEQPI (Dashboard for Excellence Quality and Productivity Improvement) FEB - UGM (Faculty of Economics and Business - University of Gadjah Mada) with Nakertrans (Manpower) DIY has been signed.

"Working Women Unique Index for South East Asia (WWU Index for SEA): A Quality Approach in Performance Measurement on the Role of Working Women" proposal has been pass from Riset Innovatif-Productif (RISPRO) Implementatif to the final stage of selection by the Institute of Education Fund Management (LPDP), so DEQPI, as holder and the research partners, NAKERTRANS DIY, has signing the MoU as a commitment in collaboration. Furthermore, the selection phase visitation will be carried out by the evaluation RISPRO team as part of the final selection process in RISPRO implementation.

MoU signing by the Dean of the Faculty, Prof. Wihana Kirana Jaya, M.Soc.Sc. represent DEQPI, and then submitted by Rika Fatimah P.L., S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Director DEQPI FEB UGM) to be signed by Drs. Sigit Sapto Rahardjo, MM. (Head of NAKERTRANS DIY). The MoU signing was done in the Office of NAKERTRANS DIY and witnessed by Prof. Dr. Nahiyah Jaidi Faraz, M.Pd. (WWU Index Research Team Member for SEA), Mrs. Sriyati (Board NAKERTRANS DIY) and assistant DEQPI FEB.

In addition, the MoU between the DEQPI and NAKERTRANS done in order to strengthen the relationship, particularly in the areas of:

  1. Supporting the continuous cooperation in the field of research and development and the empowerment of human resources.
  2. Community service and other related activities between the two institutions.
  3. Partnership to optimally contribute to the sustainable development between the two institutions.

The signing of the MoU at the same time reinforce the strong relationship between the DEQPI and NAKERTRANS DIY, and opening opportunities for further cooperation and exchange of information and expertise. Rika Fatimah P.L., S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D. (Director DEQPI FEB) said that the signing of the MoU will be the basis of a mutually beneficial relationship between the DEQPI and NAKERTRANS DIY in the future.

On the same occasion, Drs. Sigit Sapto Raharjo, MM (Head of NAKERTRANS DIY) said, "DEQPI should also be involved in programs that are NAKERTRANS DIY design such as in training and mentoring as well as open cooperation with the agency empowerment of human resources, such as BNP2TKI (National Agency for the Placement and protection of Indonesian Workers) and BLKLN (Overseas training Center)". In general, the other purpose of the MoU is to promote growth and sustainable development between the DEQPI and NAKERTRANS DIY.