Faculty Economics and Business (FEB) UGM held a public lecture on Monday (8/12) in Djarum Foundation Hall, 6th floor Pertamina Tower Building, FEB UGM. More than 100 students joined the public lecture that covered in a theme “Indonesia’s Economy Outlook and its Implication to Indonesia”. This public lecture was moderated by Vice Dean of FEB, Muhammad Edhie Purnawan, M.A., PhD. with the general speaker from International Monetary Fund (IMF), Dr. David Cowen, and also IMF Senior Economist Mr. Seng Guang Toh.

In the public lecture, Mr. Seng Guang Toh presented about regional and global outlook and prospect for Indonesia. He explained global crisis that was caused by The Fed tightening policy and also China’s slower growth would affect Indonesia’s economy. The presentation from Mr. Seng ended, the lecture was continued by Dr. David Cowen as the general speaker to present about Development and Prospect in Indonesia. Some perspectives were brought by him regarding his explanation about Indonesia’s Economic Outlook. He emphasized on the need of multilateral surveillance in order to prevent global crisis that may happen. He explained that multilateral surveillance was needed because the global crisis would not only impact in one country but globally.

After the IMF presentation was completed, the session of Question and Answer was held. Lead by Mr. Edhie, the Q&A session was divided into two parts, both for lecturers and students. In this public lecture, Anggito Abimanyu, M.Sc., PhD., Eko Suwardi, M.Sc., PhD., Mamduh Hanafi, M.B.A., PhD., and Denni Puspa Purbasari, M.Sc., PhD. also joined the session and raised some questions regarding the topic of IMF’s economists presentation. Each speaker answered the questions which were raised by the participants then at 05.15pm the public lecture was closed by the moderator.

Source: Nela/FEB