Tuesday (17/02), the Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM) proudly saw the graduation of 84 students who comprised 43 men and 42 women. Thirty two of them were cumlaude graduates with GPA scores of over 3.5. Moreover, Dyah Savitri Pritadrajati, an Economics graduate, achieved a GPA of 3.98 which was the highest among the graduates. In addition to this achievement, she was also the second best out of all of UGM graduates in the February period. She was followed by Accounting graduate Abu Bakar Adny and Economics graduate Setia Adi Nugroho who made his achievement in the shortest period of study (3 years, 3 months).

In the ceremony, Prof. Dr. Wihana Kirana Jaya, M.Soc.Sc., the Dean of FEB UGM, congratulated all graduates and advised them that students learning in a classroom in a university was not enough to face the challenges of globalization. The students must also be smart in analyzing phenomena that occur outside class and how to handle them ~ otherwise commonly known as ‘street smarts’. He also said that FEB UGM was different from others because of its relationships with its alumni.

As the representative of the graduates’ parents, Din Syamsuddin, a politician and former head of Muhammadiyah 2005-2010, said that graduation was not the end but the beginning of a pursuit of further study. “To be good is not good enough,” he said.

At the end of the graduation ceremony, Dyah Savitri Pritadrajati, representing the graduates, said that FEB UGM graduates were chosen people. That was why they needed to understand society and socialize with the public. Indonesia’s fate in the future depends on the 2% of the people who are given the chance to attend higher education.

Source: Azka/FEB