The Osiris team from UGM has won the ASEAN Young Socialpreneur Competition 2015 hosted at UGM from 18-19 September 2015. They beat 224 teams from universities across ASEAN and Timor Leste. They are entitled for business capital amounting to USD 2,500  and for one year they are given a business training by Shell Indonesia.

The Osiris team with members Sheila Reswari and Aldo Egi Ibrahim (Economics and Business student) and Ali Bahtiar Sirry (Social and Political Sciences) won the competition after having presented empowerment attempts of the disabilities in the Sidomulyo village in Yogyakarta. The disabled people there are involved in the dragon fruit ice cream making.

Ali Bahtiar said the dragon fruit ice cream making has a market as dragon fruit ice cream is rare to find but is easy to produce. "Ice cream is a food that is liked by many, hence, there will always be a market for it," he said on Wednesday (23/4) on campus.

Ali Bahtiar said the business development had involved the disabled people to give them job opportunities as mostly it is difficult for them to get one.

"The disabled community of Sidomulyo has as a strong social capital and we try to get them engaged in the business," he said.

The dragon fruit has been marketed at UGM co-op. The business has gone for one year but only effective in the past four months.

Every week they supply some 4 litters of ice cream to the co-op.

“We hope in the future more members of the group can get actively involved in this business  like the 18 members who have done so,” he said.

In the future they also plan to make coconut and guava ice cream.