"MAGIC TEAM" comprising undergraduate students of Accounting, Faculty of Economics and Business, Universitas Gadjah Mada collects international achievement. The achievement was obtained through participation on an International conference, Padjajaran Accounting Week (PAW) 2015, held by Universitas Padjajaran (Unpad), from November 9-12th 2015.

In that occasion, the students took all awards on paper category. "MAGIC TEAM" successfully earned themselves two awards which are best paper and runner-up best paper.

Best paper was snatched by "MAGIC TEAM" with Albert Unedo Purba and Christoper Clark Aditya on the member list and Runner-up by "MAGIS TEAM", consist of Rio Zoraida Gizela, Stefani Claudia Hanny, and Nur Mutiara Sholihah Santosa. The conference was focused on position of Accountant Profession in Social Development.

Three main topics on the conference were Integrated Reporting; One Global Accounting Standard: Is It Necessary? and Strengthening Small Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in Indonesia. Those three topics were presented by ten teams from Germany and other teams from the best private and public universities in Indonesia.

"Ten teams were selected among many papers that was submitted to the PAW committee on September-October 2015 period." Albert Unedo Purba said, at Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, Monday (11/16)

He explained that "MAGIC TEAM" was able to get the best paper award because they talked about SMEs from unique perspective, which is the power of accountant to strenghten SMEs in Indonesia.

The title of the best paper was The Study of SMEs in Indonesia: Current Condition of Accounting Practices and The Role of Professional Accountants while the runner-up was Challenges on Implementing Integrated Reporting in Indonesia.

"We didn't expect to get the best paper award on this conference. It feels good to make my university proud and especially my faculty," Albert.

Nanny Dewi Tanzil, the head of Accounting course, UNPAD, admitted the research and communication skill are the key of this achievement.

As a jury, Nanny Dewi gave outstanding comments to both UGM's paper. MAGIC TEAM was not only excellent in writing skill but also pro-active on expressing opinion during the conference.

Christoper Clark Aditya was also very happy for the result. He said that his achievement was the work of his professors.

"I am so thankfull for being taught by the best professors in this country, especially on the research department. It developed my critical thinking to analyze something," he said.

Source: ugm.ac.id