Flag carrier PT. Garuda Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (Garuda Indonesia) has donated Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) aid to Dashboard for Excellence Quality and Productivity Improvement (DEQPI) of the Faculty of Economics and Business UGM during a workshop for small and medium industry - coached by DEQPI in Kulon Progo regency - on Friday (26/2). The donation aims to support Special Entrepreneur Programme (PWI) initiated by DEQPI as a strategy to strengthen SMEs.

General Manager of Garuda Indonesia Yogyakarta branch, Supriyono,  welcomed the cooperation. “Good cooperation is expected to run well with stakeholders, including universities, provincial government, especially Kulon Progo local government, DESPERINDAGKOP DIY, SMEs in Kulon Progo, along with industry, i.e. Garuda Indonesia,” he said during a ceremony to present the aid.

Vice-Dean for Planning and Information System of the Faculty, Drs. Eko Suwardi, M.Sc., Ak., CA., appreciated the move by Garuda Indonesia to establish cooperation with universities, here with DEQPI. “As one of top business schools in the world, UGM Faculty of Economics and Business is expected to inspire and collaborate with various stakeholders in order to give optimal impacts on wider public and curriculum. One of the ways done is this project,” he said.

This programme is born as a response to entrepreneurial trend which is dynamic and developing in Indonesia. This makes the background for  DEQPI to make a programme that can facilitate  and develop that trend into the Special Entrepreneur Programme, working with Yogyakarta Regional Development Planning Agency (BAPPEDA DIY). ”Three specialies of the SEP is the person, the product, and the process,” said DEQPI director, Rika Fatimah P.L., S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D.

The specialty of person, according to Rika, is because DEQPI uses scientific measurement for its business players, namely Social Professional Index on Soft Skill.  This index can do mapping of the unique talents of professionals through their daily activities. The specialty of product refers to the quality mapping between consumer and market or market synergised with company or producer/SMEs to produce ideal results that are more competitive. In terms of process, this programme involves mentoring from students and business players. ThinkSmart Social Business (TSSocBiz) information technology is expected to initiate digital business and transparency of funds/investments between funder and SMEs directly.

“I highly appreciate the role of the industry, namely Garuda Indonesia, to be the pioneer through its CSR programme to sustain the cycle of DEQPI. Hopefully, the strategic steps taken by Garuda Indonesia will add to the collaborations with other industries in Indonesia, especially in Yogyakarta,” said Abu Yazid, Head of People Prosperity Development sub-unit of BAPPEDA Yogyakarta.

Source: ugm.ac.id