The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) held Anti-Corruption Media Roadshow at UGM, Thursday (12/5). This event is a collaboration between KPK, GEMATI-UGM, as well as the Economics Laboratory of the Faculty of Economics and Business that presented KPK Vice-Chairman, La Ode Muhammad Syarif, and KPK spokesperson, Yuyuk Andrianti Iskak, as speakers.

On that occasion, Yuyuk Andrianti Iskak explained about some media channels which are managed by the Public Relations of the Commission for the dissemination of information. According to the lady, the Commission could not walk alone in doing its duties, so it needs the role of the public. Therefore, the Commission made several media channels via e-newsletter, Youtube channel, anti-corruption journal INTEGRITY, Integrito Magazine and Anti-Corruption Clearing House (ACCH) portal, which are expected to be tools for the public to provide suggestions and input for the Commission to work better.

"ACCH presents anti-corruption knowledge in a variety of media formats and is designed as a source of knowledge and information available to the public (public knowledge management) in building anti-corruption spirit, vision and culture in public life," said Yuyuk.

Meanwhile, Vice-Chairman of the Commission, La Ode Muhammad Syarif, said that the Commission hopes there are many academics who do research on anti-corruption that can be published in the Commission’s journal, INTEGRITY.

"Academicians are able to use ACCH as a forum to exchange insights or thoughts to one another," said La Ode.

Earlier, UGM Vice-Rector for Cooperation and Alumni, Dr. Paripurna, SH, M. Hum., LL.M., assessed that high sensitivity is required so that younger generations can personally detect any corruption going on around them.

Paripurna also appreciates the Commission’s step through making the ACCH portal and hopes that the portal can be one of media to spread corruption information to the public.