As the series of Peringatan Dies Natalis ke-61 Faculty of Economics and Business Univesitas Gadjah Mada (FEB UGM), on Monday (19/09/2016), Rapat Senat Terbuka FEB UGM was held in Kertanegara Room. Prof. Marwan Asri, MBA., Ph. D, as the Chairman of Senate FEB UGM, delivered the opening speech. In his speech he hopes that FEB UGM will be better and better in the future. He also invited all of FEB UGM family to do their respective roles for the betterment of FEB UGM. There were around 150 invited guests attended the event; from the Rector’s representatives, Kafegama representative’s, banks, FEB UGM’s lecturers, administrative staffs, and students.

Kebaruan, Inovasi and Impak is the title of Laporan Dekan Tahun 2016 which is in line with the theme of Dies Natalis ke-61 FEB UGM. In his report, Prof. Wihana Kirana Jaya, M. Soc. Sc., the Dean of FEB UGM, invited all of FEB UGM family to contemplate the achievements that had been achieved and to set the next steps in order to carry the mission and vision through 4 pillars; (1) academic excellence; (2) softskill development; (3) internationalization; dan (4) networking.

The next agenda was presentation of Orasi Ilmiah by Prof. Dr. Eduardus Tandelilin, MBA., titled Kemandirian Finansial. In his presentation, Prof. Tandelilin said that the topic was relevant to the Indonesian Demographic Bonus in 2020-2030. Indonesian Demographic Bonus will be a golden opportunity for Indonesia in order to strengthen the economic condition by benefiting the productive population.

The event became more glorious when all of the guest sang Economics Goes Marching In enthusiastically. The spirit of the 61st Dies Natalis FEB UGM was within the heart of FEB UGM family. Dirgahayu FEB UGM!

Source: Ika/EBnews

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