Three students of the Magister of Management Faculty of Economics and Business Universitas Gadjah Mada achieved third place winner in the Master Journey in Management, a competition held by the Graduate School of Management, Faculty of Economics, Universitas Indonesia. Those three students are:

  • Sri Sapto Bimo Haryana (Regular Class, Batch 49)
  • R. Darmawan Siswanto P. (Regular Class, Batch 49)
  • Judo Triatmodjo (Regular Class, Batch 49)

The competition itself was held in collaboration with Bisnis Indonesia Daily, calls students from master programs or professional Schools to compete in solving real-life business problem. The solution will be judged based on rigorousness of the analysis, creativity and the relevancy to the problem. The selected teams will get a chance to
meet and present their ideas in front of prominent academia, government, business and media executives during the Master Journey in Management (MJM) event. The winning team will receive prized award. Congratulation!