The mission of FEB UGM to be the foremost faculty of Economics and Business in the South East Asia in 2013 is realized by sending its academics staffs to have international exposure. Faculty management of FEB UGM sends 5 delegations to National University of Singapore (NUS) to present university visit on November 16-18, 2009 .

Faculty Management appoints Dr. Hardo Basuki, M.Soc.Sc. as the Director of Undergraduate Program FEB to be the delegation head of FEB UGM. Four academic staffs join NUS university visit, they are as follows:

1. Paminto Adhi, SE., M.Si. (Head of Administrative Office of  FEB UGM)
2. Sigit Hardiyanto, S.T. (Department Head of  Information Technology FEB UGM)
3. Arif Surachman, S.I.P. (Sub Department Head of Library FEB UGM)
4. Bondan Wijanarko, S.IP., M.Si (Sub Department Head of General Affairs FEB UGM)

NUS is well-known by its advanced development of library and IT unit. It is therefore necessary for FEB UGM to learn from NUS and seeking the possibility to develop them in FEB. Sigit Hardiyanto, S.T. as the Department Head of IT at FEB UGM comments that the visit brought many lessons which can be developed and it would require hard work and support from the Faculty Management. Sub Department Head of FEB Library, he consents to Sigit Hardiyanto’s comments.