The number of UGM Professors continues to grow although some of them have been retired. Today UGM farewells four professor who has start their retirement and welcomed seven new professors. The four professors who have retired are Prof. Dr. Mammed Sagi, M.S. (Faculty of Biology), Prof. Dr. Bambang  Djadmo Kertonegoro, M.Sc  (Faculty of Agriculture), Prof. Dr. Issirep Sumardi (Faculty of Biology), and Prof.Dr.Ir.Soeparno (Faculty of Animal Husbandry).

Meanwhile, the seven new professors are Prof. Dr. Sofia Retnowati, M.S. (Faculty of Psychology), Prof. Dr. Catur Sugiyanto, M.A. (Faculty of Economics and Business), Prof. Ir. Henricus Priyosulistyo, M.Sc., Ph.D. (Faculty of Engineering), Prof. Dr. Sudibyakto, M.S. (Faculty of Geography), Prof. Dr. Augustine Yuventius Nunung Prajarto, M.A. (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences), Prof. Dr. Purwo Santoso, M.A. (Faculty of Social and Political Sciences), and Prof. M. Jufrie, Sp.A.(K), Ph.D (Faculty of Medicine).

In his speech, one of the professors who have retired - Prof. Dr. Ir. Soeparno - says that by become professors they have strived to contribute to the nation through UGM. Contributions are given either in the form of teaching, research, and other community service programs.

"We, the professors who have retired are trying to contribute to the nation through UGM. We are still ready, if needed, to help the university," explained Soeparno in the Introduction of New Professors and Farewell to the Retired Professors in the Senate Hall, on Tuesday (10/8).

While representing the new professorship, Prof. Dr. Sofia Retnowati says that the status of professor is a mandate that is not easy. Responsibility of professor to advance the nation’s and UGM as a research university is one of the challenges for them.

"This is not an easy task because of the enormous responsibility of professor to participate in advancing the nation and the UGM as research universities," said Sofia.

On the other hand the Chairman of Council of Professors (MGB) of UGM Prof. Drs. Suryo Guritno, M.Stats., Ph.D thanked the professors who have full duty but still remain committed to helping and encouraging UGM. As for the new professors, they are expected to be ready to perform more hardwork given the increasing responsibilities as a professor.

"UGM thanked to the professors who have full duties but is still committed to help. For the new professor is expected be ready with a growing responsibilities," said Suryo.

Today the number of UGM professors has reached 431 professors; they are 276 active professors, 37 emeritus professors, two extraordinary professors and 116 professors who have retired.

After the farewell and introduction of professorship followed by exposure on regulatory issues related to PT BHMN ruling of the Constitutional Court (MK) on the cancellation of BHP Law by Senior Vice Chancellor for Administration, Finance, and Human Resources UGM Prof. Ainun Na'im, M.B.A., Ph.D.
The event was also attended by Senior Vice Chancellor for Education, Research and Community Service, Prof. Dr. Retno S Sudibyo, M.Sc, Apt, and Vice Chancellor Alumni Affairs and Business Development, Prof. Ir. Atyanto Dharoko, M.Phil., Ph.D. Before the ceremony, there was a silent pray on the recent death of two UGM professors namely Prof. Dr. Ir. Kasumbogo Untung (Faculty of Agriculture) and Prof. Dr. Ir. Prayoto, M.Sc (Faculty of Mathematics).