FEB UGM has just held "Educational Workforce Grant Program Competition 2010," which target is the educational staff in the Faculty of Economics and Business. This competition aims to improve the quality of service in all parts or sub-section at FEB UGM and to encourage the educational staff to constantly think creative and innovate in carrying out the job more effectively and efficiently.

There were 18 proposals submitted, and after reviewed by the faculty management board, five proposals were given the grants. This grant program will be funded by the faculty with a maximum budget of IDR 17.5 million (for each proposal). Here's the list of the proposals that won the grant program:

  1. Capacity Building In Order To Achieve Performance Efficiency in the Finance Department, proposer Lina Kartika Sari S.E.
  2. Development of Integrated Digital Archive Letters Systems in the Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, proposer Ariyani Suntatri
  3. Fire and Emergency Countermeasures Against and Others in the Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, proposer Teguh Sulistiyono A.Md.
  4. Effectiveness of Time, Costs, Expanding Access to Care In Efficient and Environment Through Ebiz Newsletter Online, proposer Hestining Kurniastuti S.S.
  5. Information System of Quality Assurance Faculty of Economics and Business UGM, Web-based, proposer Bondan Wijanarko S.I.P., M.Si.

Programs proposed in the proposals will be conducted starting in September 2010. This grant program is hoped to be successful in achieving its goal, which in term will  support the success of the faculty.


Source: hrd