"... This Lustrum hopefully be a good momentum for all of us to closely gather, strengthen the cooperation, go together to achieve this vision ..." Dean's quote, Prof. Marwan Asri, MBA, Ph.D in his speech to celebrate the 55th anniversary of FEB UGM.

The Dean’s speech and scientific oration are officially opened by the Chairman of Senate FEB UGM Prof. Dr. Iswardono Sardjono Permono, M.A. The Dean’s speech is delivered as for the report to stakeholders about the progress and results achieved by the academia of FEB UGM. This year’s celebration brings up Go Green: Taking Nature Into Account. In his speech Prof. Marwan Asri, MBA., Ph.D addresses, "With such theme, Go Green: Taking Nature Into Account, It is hoped that all academia of FEB UGM always consider the surrounding environment; both natural and social  in their motion. Harmonization and environmentally activities must be re-invested in order to create continuous life and our life itself. Furthermore; FEB UGM hopes to be able to become one of the pioneers in development economics and business by incorporating elements of nature preservation in it, taking nature into account."

In his speech, the dean presents the academic achievement: students profile, the increasing trend of study program interest, as well as international accreditation process of AACSB (Association to Advance Collegiate School of Business), which still requires more commitment and effort from all the academia of FEB UGM. In administration’s issues it is mentioned that an increase in the budget for the improvement of physical facilities, improving the quality of teaching and learning process also improving the welfare of academia of FEB UGM.

Meanwhile FEB UGM’s collaboration with university partner on student exchange and double degree  also run well. By 1st Semester, 2010/2011 Undergraduate Program send 25 students and received 26 foreign students to attend the program. Collaboration with other institutions / companies are running smoothly as well, including scholarships, internship opportunities and job recruitment.

On his speech, the Dean also mentioned about tracer study feature on portal alumni, EBiz Newsletter (faculty information media), and Student Service Center (SSC). Furthermore, the Dean also appreciate  lecturers, staff and students achievement during this last one year. At the end of the speech the Dean, announced  research and training institutions inside FEB UGM merger  under Research and Training Faculty of Economics and Business (P2EB), a lobby renovation and Pertamina Tower development plans.

On this occation, Prof. Dr. Swastha Dharmesta Basu, MBA also present his scientific papers, called "Green Marketing: Standard Submitting a Better Life". This paper mainly said that green marketing can be achieved through intensive efforts to identify and understand their customers by offering green environmentally friendly products, mutually benefit relationship between green marketers and green customers, and fair competition would be a good trigger to achieve goals.

The green customers could give a wide positive impact on communities life, in terms of economic, social, politics, legal, technology, culture and natural environment." This event closed with a prayer led by Drs. Dumairy, MA for the glory of FEB UGM.


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